This is your chance to experience in a modified, yet comprehensive manner, the v

This is your chance to experience in a modified, yet comprehensive manner, the various production decisions made in the production of a play. For this assignment, you will choose one of the full-­‐length plays we have read to serve as your foundational text. Then, you will develop a production concept, and give that concept form with the selection of various design images and a cast of well-known performers to create a sense of how your finished production might come together.
This is an individual project. Collaboration is not allowed
The Steps:
You will choose your scriipt from one of the full-length plays that we have read this term. You may choose to work through each aspect of the assignment as a group, or divide the group into theatrical roles (director, designers, etc.)
Spend some time considering all aspects of your production and begin to develop your director’s concept for your planned production.
To help you get to a concept, think about the following questions:
What is the main action of the play? What is its theme?
Why perform this play now? What about it seems relevant to today?
According to the scriipt, where are we? When are we?
What is the overall mood of the play? (creepy, festive, romantic, etc.)
What themes or imagery will you highlight with your production?
What will you change about the play, if anything? (time period, setting, etc?)
What research do you need to do to support your decisions (playwright, playcontext, history, etc.)
Write out a statement of concept detailing what the play is about and how you plan to produce it. 1-2 pages.
Select research images and audio files for sound, lighting, scenic and costume design, with a minimum of 5 images for each area of design, with each image labeled to explain your selection. As you consider images think not only about required stage action (something to sit upon), but also the quality of the objects/images chosen (look and feel) that support your choice. As you make choices, also consider props you might want to include.
Cast at least 4 roles within your show with well-known performers and explain your casting choices. (Feel free to cast the entire show if you wish) Provide an image of each selected artist, labeled with their name and the role they are being assigned. Explain in a paragraph your character analysis that supports the choice of this particular performer.
Write a reflection essay (2-3 pages) that describes your creative process and decisions as you worked to create your vision. Like a dramaturg would, include any research you completed to develop your production concept, design, and casting ideas.
Compile the required information into a single document (.docx, PDF, or PPT) file to upload to the Carmen site.
Materials to be submitted include:
Production concept: Written statement of 1-2 pages in which you explain how you plan to approach this production. (Director)
Design images: Minimum of 5 images for scenic design, 5 images for costume design, 5 images for lighting design, and 5 audio samples for sound design for a minimum total of 20 ideas, each labeled with an explanation of the choice in support of your production. (Designer)
Casting: A written cast list with role and actor identified, a labeled image of each actor/actress that you have chosen to cast, and a brief written character analysis that supports why the chosen performer is right for the role. (Actor)
Reflection essay: Written statement of 2-3 pages that describes your group process and decisions as you worked together to create your vision. Include any research you completed to develop your production concept, design, and casting ideas. (Dramaturg)
Grading Breakdown:
Written concept statement and reflection essay – 10 pts.
Creative design work (choices: design images, sound samples, casting) – 20 pts.

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