Please read the following prompt and use it to write a five-paragraph (minimum)

Please read the following prompt and use it to write a five-paragraph (minimum) COMPARE AND CONTRAST essay that discusses the two opposing sides of this argument.
As a reference, please read the sample essay in this folder entitled “Waste” by Wendell Barry. Your essay is not based on this writing but is more for inspiration for your essay.
In New York City, plastic bags are often seen cartwheeling down the street, entwined in tree branches, or stuck in the rungs of street drains. In an effort to curtail their usage, there is a law in progress that will add a five-cent charge for every plastic bag that a customer uses in a grocery store or deli.
Proponents of the law argue that it will encourage people to bring reusable bags to the store, thereby reducing excess waste and litter.
One of the main objections to this law is that the charge is targeting, however unintentionally, the lower class, as the five cents won’t mean nearly as much to middle and upper class citizens.
Overall, responses to the law are varied; many would appreciate a reduction in litter, but many others resist an additional cost when purchasing food.
Paragraph 1 should be 5-6 sentences that includes the thesis, and 3 key ideas you will writing about.
Paragraph 2 should be 6-8 sentences and detail the side of the proponents of the law that called for elimination of plastic bags and advocated for the use of reusable bags.
Paragraph 3 should be 6-8 sentence that discusses how this law targeted those to whom a five-cent fee to use a plastic bad would be a hardship for many lower income shoppers.
Paragraph 4 would be 6-8 sentences of your ideas on which side of this law you think is the best for this issue.
Paragraph 5 would be 5-6 sentences for you to restate the thesis, restate the 3 key ideas addressed in Paragraphs 2,3, and 4, along with a closing statement.
Please remember to include any in-text citations and a Reference list, both APA formatted for any research you cite in the essay. The APA format guide is in both the Start here Documents and in the Library Resources. You may also use to help you format your references

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