Sources: Use a minimum of 3 varied and CURRENT sources (at least two from the pa

Sources: Use a minimum of 3 varied and CURRENT sources (at least two from the past year three years 2018-2021 and at least 1 must be a peer reviewed article) – for example, journals in your major, Internet sources (no Wikipedia), interviews, newspaper or magazine articles, and other resources that are germane to your major and career.
1. Title Page—Title of your career, your name, class, date.
Information you may want include in your paper – these should be used as a guide, please include additional, relevant information that you find in your research.
2. Why did you choose this career? Why might someone choose this career (other than the pay)? How does this career align with your Focus 2 results?
3. Skills and Talents:
What skills are required for this job?
What special skills or talents are necessary for this occupation?
Where could you gain or have you gained experience?
4. Personality Traits:
What personality traits are needed for this career?
In what ways are you suited for this career?
What areas might prove to be difficult for you in this career?
What personality characteristics or skills do you currently possess that you believe will benefit you in this career?
5. Education and Training:
What education and training do you need?
What is the minimum/maximum education required for this job?
How many years of study are involved (Do you need an associate’s degree? Bachelor’s degree? Master’s degree? Specialized training?)?
Where would you obtain this education (On-the-job training, junior college, technical school, college, or university)?
How is Montclair State helping you acquire the skills and achieve necessary requirements for this career?
6. Work Conditions:
What would my work environment, or surroundings, be like?
What hours would I spend on the job?
What are my job duties, responsibilities, or nature of work?
Describe a typical day for a person in this job.
7. Future Outlook:
Would I be able to move ahead (advancement opportunities)?
Will there be very many jobs available in my career?
What is the growth or job outlook like for your job?
What is the salary range for this career?
What can you expect to be paid for a beginning salary in this career field?
What is the future outlook for this career?
8. Technology:
How has technology changed my career?
How will technology change it in the future?
What kind of technology is needed or used for this career?
How has the current state of the economy impacted this career? (Covid19, job rates, demand)
9. Conclusion
Closing statements.
What did you learn that you didn’t know before?
Do you still think this is a good career for you?
What else would you like to know?
Remember: what are my sources of information? (Keep track of where you get your information so that you can cite your sources.)
We also encourage you to research and think critically about the current state of the world and consider how it has have impacted this career. Is there more or less flexibility in this career? What does that flexibility look like? Has technology become more relevant, and therefore technical skill requirements have changed? Essentially, what we are getting is that for many the work landscape as changed in a multitude of ways because of a global pandemic – how has directly impacted the overall landscape of your career path/choice.

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