This is my final please follow instructions. Each question should be at least on

This is my final please follow instructions. Each question should be at least one and a half paragraph each. Only refer to the sources I give and this textbook. I need page numbers referenced (no outside sources). below are the sources the questions are referenced please include some in-text citations with page number referenced. including my text book. Majority of the sources required are attached.
Philosophy of Science (Ed. 4)
by Alex Rosenberg; Lee McIntyre
1. Bas C van Fraassen, Arguments Concerning scientific realism [blackboard]
2. Gary Gutting, “Scientific Realism versus Constructive Empiricism: A Dialogue” [TEXTBOOK]
3. N. Russell Hanson, “Seeing and Seeing As” from Philosophy of Science Contemporary readings by Alex Rosenberg [TEXTBOOK]
4. Philosophy and the scientific image of man by W. Sellars
5. Also, please make sure you have a strong understanding of the difference between scientific realism and scientific anti-realism.
Questions are under this statement
1. Give a general overview of both Scientific Realism and Scientific Anti-Realism (as it appears in the work we’ve read).
2. What does Gary Gutting attempt to do in the dialog titled “Scientific Realism versus Constructive Empiricism: A Dialogue”, and highlight some of the arguments put forth in the essay for scientific realism, and scientific anti-realism; make sure your reference the article (namely reference the page number(s), and feel free to quote directly from the article).
3. What is Bas C van Fraassen arguing in the essay Arguments Concerning scientific realism, make sure to highlight the theses he is arguing against, and the thesis he adopts for scientific realism.
4. What is the difference between seeing and seeing as, as per N. Russell Hanson’s “Seeing and Seeing As”?
5. What is the manifest image and the scientific image of a human being in the world according to Sellars’ article? And how, according to the Sellars, do the two images clash?

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