Please underline or highlight it your thesis. Essay prompt Background: The story

Please underline or highlight it your thesis.
Essay prompt
Background: The story of Sam, George, and Rameck in The Pact is the American Dream in the strictest sense. Along their paths, many roadblocks hindered the men as they reached for their goals, and yet they persevered. Various aspects contributed to their success, such as school programs, mentors, self-advocacy in their own community, friendship bonds with each other, and determination.
Topic: In the time of two hours, write an essay about one aspect that propelled the three doctors towards success. Create an argument using concrete examples that show why this aspect was so important. Please upload your timed essay here. This is honor system, so it is fine to have notes beforehand, but find a quite spot and type this out in the space of two hours. Imagine this as an in-class essay–similar to the first essay we did.
Helpful tips:
There are many reasons, but make a claim (thesis) focusing on what you think is the most important.
Make sure that your thesis is clear and in the introduction; the essay should have a conclusion as well.
Your supporting paragraphs should be well organized and focused, with quotes, paraphrasing, and summary that clearly shows elaboration on the topic sentence.
That being said, do not overwhelm your essay with quotes or summary. I am interested in your analysis of what makes this specific aspect the most important.
It is fine to use examples that we discussed in class, but always welcome to use some textual evidence that you find on your own.
You are not required to write about all three men, but it is helpful to you argument when you find examples from all three.
Please use MLA style in formatting citations
The essay should be in 12-point, Times New Roman font, double spaced.
No works cited page needed.
Use only the book as a source.

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