Topic Explanation: Los Angeles is one of many cities that has a minimal amount o

Topic Explanation:
Los Angeles is one of many cities that has a minimal amount of green space. There has been an increase in urban construction due to a rise in population, with more and more people are moving to Los Angeles for economic opportunities and financial growth. As the city welcomes the new citizens and sees the uptick in its economy, the area becomes more and more dense, leading to significant quantities of urban construction. Due to the immediate population needs and the short-term economic benefits, urban construction will continue to increase.
This unsustainable system impacts people, long-term profits, and the planet. The increase in urban construction leads to a decrease in green space, decreasing environmental sustainability. There is a decline in the quality of the urban climate with an increase in carbon emissions, increased temperatures, and reduced air quality and biodiversity. This environmental impact leads to mental, physical, and educational effects on the community. In addition to these impacts, the community will face long-term economic challenges when seeing the long-term impact on property values, energy costs, and policy implications.
Ultimately, the lack of green space will severely affect air quality, the cost of living in Los Angeles, and the overall well-being of the citizens. Continued unsustainable city development will lead to a decrease in urban green space and exacerbate the impacts of climate change. By analyzing the benefits of increased green space, we can identify potential solutions to prevent the problems presented by this unsustainable system.
A. Proposed Solution to address above issue.
a. Awareness – Strategic triangle can be used by policymakers in the public sector to move forward the initiative; operational feasibility, public support, and public value.
b. Policy – Urban planning policies need to have an intentional mention of the development of green space. Public health officials need to utilize green space as a measure of quality when advocating for healthy living environments
B. Weigh the effectiveness of your solution based on other approaches to solve this issue
a. Policy and Public Awareness vs. Green Space creation – While there are benefits to creating green spaces as an individual or organization, solutions based on policy and public buy-in will have higher long-term success rates if successful
C. Stakeholder mapping, analysis & engagement plan

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