Using the same morphological unknown organism you had on week 5 (see attached li

Using the same morphological unknown organism you had on week 5 (see attached list) do the following:
Build a hypothetical clinical case of: a patient, animal, plant, or environmental problem (if applicable). Please include the following:
1. hypothesis
2. Descriiption of symptoms and signs of the patient
3. Descriiption of laboratory tests (experiments) specific to the suspected organism including:
Gram reaction,
structural staining,
optimal growth conditions: temperatures, pH, aerotolerance
Biochemical tests and special media according to whether you have a Gram +, Gram-, Acid fast organisms: Please note that you all the tests below may not apply to your organism.
Mannitol, EMB, MacConkey, Blood Agar, OF-Glucose, Phenol Red Carbohydrate fermentation, MR-VP, Nitrogen reduction, Catalase, Oxidase, Citrate test, decarboxylation, deamination,Bile Esculin, Starch hydrolysis, Urea, Casein, Gelating hydrolysis, DNA hydrolysis, Lipid hydrolysis, SIM and any other test you consider appropriate in the identification of your organism.
4. Provide a flow chart/dichotomous key to all tests you did for your organism.
5. Discussion/conclusion with the antimicrobial method (chemical/physical) treatment for the infection/disease or mitigation (if you have an environmental species).
References are a must!

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