What am I required to do in this assignment? Assessment description The work of

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment description
The work of each student is assessed through applying a continuous and progressive assessment approach.
The purpose of the individual project is to write a research document on a topic of your choice in the field of Management or Finance. This project should be reported in a written report intended for an academic or professional audience. Your report should contain sections such as:
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Abstract – includes aim/question, basic design and main findings/conclusions
Introduction – clear research question, objectives and hypothesis, background and relevance
Literature Review- critical review with references to relevant sources
Data description – of the variables/data sets that are required to analyse the research question
Methodology – description of the methodology, practical procedure and the plan for the work
Analysis and Findings – accuracy of results interpretation
Conclusions and Recommendations
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at 23:59pm. The Excel data file and Excel output files related to the material presented on the assignment will also be submitted on blackboard by the deadline.
an individual assignment and there is maximum word limit of 2500 words. The assignment submitted as a word or pdf document on blackboard by 2021 (week 11)
The following tasks have be to completed every 2 weeks and will be graded as continuous work:
• Week 1-2: Describe a research topic and find several references related to it. Write a first draft of a Literature review about the chosen topic (summary of 5 references)
• Week 3-4: Define a research question and complete the literature review based on the research question. Propose several relevant datasets, a methodology and a research strategy.
• Week 5-6: Write a research proposal
A research proposal with a maximum word limit of 800 words will be submitted on we
• Objectives (100 words);
• Literature review (400 words);• Research question (100 words);
• Methodology and research strategy (100 words);
• Intended outcomes (100 words) :
• References (not included in word count)
• Week 7-8: Choose a final dataset related to the research question and describe the methodology that would be used
• Week 9-10: Apply the methodology to the dataset and summarize the results
• Week 11: An individual research document is summited
the topic is :Digital asset pricing, trading, mechanism design, and smart contracts

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