You will need to use your imagination on this one! You have just spent the past

You will need to use your imagination on this one!
You have just spent the past 30 years forecasting and studying weather in the United States for the US government.  You have experienced every possible weather event that Mother Nature has to offer – tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, floods – there is nothing you haven’t seen!  But, like all good things, it is time to call it a day and ride off into the sunset to enjoy the bliss of retirement – however, you have been asked to do one last thing before you go.
The US government has asked you to answer one last question.  You will answer this question before Congress and the American people in primetime (all 330+ million of us will be tuned in to hear you, so it better be good!).  You are to give a 500-600 word speech on the greatest weather/climate challenge facing the United States in the 21st century and the scientific research/evidence that supports it – it can be climate change, lack of technology for better forecasting, lack of preparedness for weather extremes, building in areas prone to weather disasters, lack or better response to weather disasters – anything that you feel is going to be a challenge for future generations when it comes to our weather and climate.
Remember, you have seen it all and you are the expert and now you have been asked to draw upon your experience and vast meteorologic knowledge to enlighten the United States so that we can begin to mitigate the challenge you have identified.
You are NOT to provide potential solutions, just the ONE challenge and WHY it is the one challenge.  The clarity and strength of your argument will determine funding and action taken by the United States.  You must use legitimate sources to back up your claim and state your sources.
You will be graded on:
1. Clearly identifying the one weather challenge.
2. The strength of your argument as to why this is the one weather challenge.
3. Legitimate sources used to make your argument convincing.
4. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
5. Anything less than 500 words; you are not convincing; anything more than 600 words you’re just slinging the bull and are not quite sure.

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