For this assignment, you will first watch Reel Bad Arabs (~50 min.): https://top

For this assignment, you will first watch Reel Bad Arabs (~50 min.): (Links to an external site.)
Then, you will select any film of your choice, which gives significant attention to Islam or Muslims. I’ve listed some suggestions below (which may or may not be easily available), but it’s up to you to select and view a film. (The only exception is that the film can’t be something we’ve already viewed for this course.)
Drawing on the film you select, “Reel Bad Arabs,” and at least one other source from the course material, please address the following question in 1200-1500 words (~4-5 pages).
Based on everything you’ve learned so far in the course: Would you recommend the film you selected to a friend or family member wanting to learn more about Islam and Muslims?
Some things you might consider, to help you brainstorm: Do you think the film is Islamophobic? Are the characters stereotyped in ways suggested by “Reel Bad Arabs”? Who is the audience? Does the film require context to make sense of it? Does the film cast its characters *as* Muslims, or do they just happen to be Muslim? Do you think the film is well made?
Evaluation Criteria
Clear thesis statement and coherent argument. Given just enough attention to plot summary to help your reader understand what you’re writing about, but focus the vast bulk of the essay on analysis of the film in conversation with course material and the prompt itself.
Support any arguments you make.
Demonstrate your command of the English language; proofread your work, and pay attention to detail.
In addition to engaging closely with the film you choose, make at least 3 specific references to Reel Bad Arabs and 3 specific references to one or more other sources of your choice from the course (citations/footnotes are not necessary but are acceptable).
DO NOT reference material from outside the course, besides the film you select.
Citations do not have to be quotations, but quotations are fine.
Direct quotes should never occupy their own sentence; rather, you should smoothly weave quotations into your own writing.
Length: 1200-1500 words–no more, no less.
Film Suggestions (which include a mixture of documentaries, comedies, and drama)
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (dir. Amirpour)
A Prophet (dir. Audiard)
A Separation (dir. Farhadi)
A Stray (dir. Syeed)
Alchemist of Happiness (dir. Salazar)
Arranged (dir. Shchaefer and Crespo)
Bab‘Aziz (dir. Khemir)
Baran (dir. Majidi)
Bilal’s Stand (dir. Sharrief)
Children of Heaven (dir. Majidi)
Colors of Paradise (dir. Majidi)
Destiny (dir. Chahine)
Fordson (dir. Ghazi)
Four Lions (dir. Morris)
Half Moon (dir. Diaz-Abaya)
Jinn (dir. Mumin)
Justice at Agadez (dir. Lelong)
Kingdom of Heaven (dir. Scott)
Le Grand Voyage (dir. Ferroukhi)
Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (dir. Brooks)
Malcolm X (dir. Lee)
Monsieur Ibrahim (dir. Dupeyron)
Moolaade (dir. Sembane)
Mooz-lum (dir. Basir)
My Name is Khan (dir. Johar)
New Muslim Cool (dir. Taylor)
Paradise Now (dir. Abu-Assad)
Pitch Black (dir. Twohy)
Taqwacore (dir. Majeed)
The Battle of Algiers (dir. Pontecorvo)
The Jordan Richter Story (dir. Davis)
The Judge (dir. Cohn)
The Lizard (dir. Tabrizi)
The Message (dir. Akkad)
The Muslims are Coming! (dir. Farsad and Obeidallah)
The Tiger Hunter (dir. Khan)
Touba (dir. Vasarhelyi)
Valley of Saints (dir. Syeed)
Wadjda (dir. Al-mansour)

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