Introduction (to idea of hair, archaeological approximations, and CG/production

Introduction (to idea of hair, archaeological approximations, and CG/production hair approaches); 
Hair background material (more information on hair, classification, biology, chemical/physical structure, genetics, cultural and narrative representations)
Hair in archaeological approximations — mostly a guess but sometimes something to go on based on texts on facial approximation/reconstruction I’ve read which you might look for similar to reference)
Hair in computer graphics (hair simulation techniques ; CG production hair techniques for modeling, simulation, and rendering).
Background material on the Hunley archaeology.
Then some of what you have could start to build a chapter on designing and implementing the hair for Dixon.
Then probably conclude with a results and conclusions chapter.
I’d recommend trying to bring in some references to books on archaeology, face approximation, and hair; ACM papers on CG hair; and any of the papers that the folks at WLCC have written on the Hunley and crew.
In terms of procedure, I’d recommend writing a large outline based on these ideas (above) and then make a pass through the three documents you have and sent already and grab pieces to put into the outline.
Then take some library days and Internet days and add some references, filling out the outline to make it a very detailed outline.
Then turn the bullets into sentences, and we can start working on the language, etc.
In terms of production work — I’d suggest doing some practice runs in XGen in Maya on a generic male hairstyle of whatever you like and rendering it through RenderMan with shaders.  
Then we should have a same-topo mesh we could give you that you could do some hair dev on based on Mike’s and crew’s ideas about Dixon (from their papers and any discussions with them) and hopefully Insun would have a final version of Dixon’s approximation early enough in the spring to also switch the second version to.
Hope that helps!

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