JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound a

JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound as you are ME and, from my perspective as a Christian woman with a Christian worldview and beliefs in a Christian school. This is urgent. Please keep in mind that I have a 4.0 and need assignments that resemble that for my university. Thank you for your help because your help allows me to use my time to care more for my father and my children during a trialing time in our life right now, your urgency would be greatly appreciated…………………………. This is for my class called Organizational Leadership from a Christian Worldview Perspective. PLEASE FOLLOW EVERY DETAIL as this is expensive and NO PLAGIARISM as I do run it through multiple sources for plagiarism and grammar. I use Grammarly and Turnitin…
Read ALL directions and follow them, please!!! MY PROFESSOR SAID: “Part of leading an organization effectively is creating a culture of trust, authenticity, and community. The reading for this week provides ways for doing so. This paper requires you to apply concepts from the required reading to real organizational settings so that you can better understand how those concepts work in the “real world.”.”
ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS: (A.)Watch this slide show and make sure to read the slide shows notes at this link (you can copy and paste it in your browser to see): https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=https%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fems.documents%2FLEA372%2FWorkshop%2B5%2BPresentation.ppt&wdOrigin=BROWSELINK .(B.)Write a 4-5 page paper in APA 7th edition format paper based on ALL of the contexts below and addressing ALL of the following points: (1.)Provide examples of leadership/business practices that fall in the category of ethical, servant, spiritual or authentic leadership. (2.)Include examples of how these practices are in keeping with—or falling short of—biblical/covenantal principles. (C.)SOURCES/REFERENCES NEEDED: Include citations of references from WK5 Presentation (Link is provided above to paste and copy to read.), and provide at least 2 SCHOLARLY resources to support the paper and 3-5 Bible verse from the Christian Bible, that is appropriate for the subjects. That is 4 sources total! (D.)The paper must be APA 7th edition paper, please look up what APA 7th edition is. Major parts of APA 7th edition include the citing in-text correctly, reference page with the references in APA format, titles of each section of the paper that sums up what it is about, an opening paragraph that sums up what the paper is about, and the thesis sentence within that paragraph. Then the last paragraph is supposed to be a closing paragraph that is similar to the opening paragraph, it sums up what was covered in the paper and includes the same thesis sentence as you put in the opening paragraph. Be sure to include information from appropriate texts with proper citations.***

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