Why does Williams believe that people who become their packaging are unhealthy, particularly when they are unaware of their shifting personas?

that is the instructions

there are two readings

I will send you a file of the main reading. The other reading which is on the instructions is a reading you will just need to use a quote or two to back up your statement

1250-1500 . all that is on the instructions

That is the main reading you will need to focus on and write about

the other reading is on the instructions

Bullying of children ages 6-10 in school, who identify as LGBTQ+

Identification of a social issue affecting your local community. Clearly 
articulate the issue to be explored and the question to be answered.
● Background on the social issue, including its historical, social, and political 
roots, should be explored. This section should contextualize local information 
to state, national, and/or global concerns.
● Positionality: Positionality represents a space in which objectivism and 
subjectivism meet and we can never truly be free of subjectivity. Read this 
article and identify your intersectional identities, including race, ethnicity, 
gender, sexual orientation, class, religion. Who are you? What role does your 
positionality play based on your intersectional identities in studying this 
specific social issue?
● Jacobson, D. & Mustafa, N. (2019). Social identity map: A reflexivity 
tool for practicing explicit positionality in critical qualitative research. 
International Journal of Qualitative Methods. 18, 1-12. 
● Present your understanding of power and Systems of Oppression (SOP) 
and intersectionality.
● Identify two SOPs you will use as your lens for analysis of the social issue 
● Impact of these SOPs in the community, describe why you chose them 
and describe the impact.

Seminar in Criminal Justice Studies

This week’s assignment is meant for you to learn how the agency/organization of your choosing functions and to look further into the daily functions of the entry-level role that you would be starting out at. Focus on the primary functions of the agency/organization and on how your average workday will be spent. If possible, try and find what promotional opportunities the agency/organization offers in case you are ever asked what your future goals are. There is no minimum or maximum work court, I just want you to know this information because it will help you with the interview process. the agency of my choice is a parole officer 

What is an IP Address

What is an IP Address?

Watch the short video below and discuss the following 
what is an IP address?
How can IP addresses help law enforcement track computers?
What are static and dynamic IP addresses?

Copy and paste the video below


Reading: Genovese, Slave Religion in Hemispheric Perspective

Response Question: Was African American religion influenced primarily by Christianity or African traditions?
You will be graded in equal parts based on your thesis, evidence, organization, and style. Your response should be at least 500 words.

As per requested (pls read prompt)

Please choose one of the following questions to answer


1. What role did kings play in state formation? (Sources: Lectures, Bates)

2. Explain economic failure in democracies. (Sources: Lectures, Bates)


Further Specifications:

  • Essays should be 6-8 full pages of writing. This excludes works cited pages and footnotes.
  • Papers should use standard 1″ margins, double-spacing (without superfluous line spacing), and a formal font such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial. Large, non-academic font choices made intentionally to increase the length of the papers may be penalized.
  • You must cite the sources listed in the parentheses of each prompt. While there is no minimum number of citations, you should show understanding and engagement with the sources.
  • Be sure to properly cite course material. If you repeat text verbatim, do so sparingly, and use quotation marks. Improper citation is often rightly flagged by plagiarism detectors as plagiarism.
  • Outside sources are allowed but not required. As with any source, properly cite this information.
  • Any standard citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) is acceptable. Keep it consistent.

Communication During a Debate Written Assignment

  • Describe a time when you could not reach an agreement with someone on an issue that is considered to be controversial to the public.  The issue should display an opposing debate that has some degree of emotional charge from politics, ethics, philosophy, or religious beliefs.  This can be from any life experience.  
  • The reading lists 10 specific rules for debate to follow in any situation.  Use these rules to answer the following:
    • During the disagreement, did one or both parties follow any of these rules?  Which rule?  How was this helpful to the outcome? 
    • During the disagreement, did one or both parties NOT follow any of these rules?  Which rule?  How was this harmful to the outcome?
  • Did either of you shut down communication? Was ending the conversation a good choice? Why or why not?
  • Why is communication important when working through a controversial issue? 

Research paper

In three to five pages (at least 3, but no more than 5 pages), not including the cover sheet and reference page, research and discuss a topic from the list below.
  1. The development of the American juvenile justice system
    • Analyze factors influencing the development of the American juvenile justice system.
    • Summarize the beginning of the juvenile era. Include information detailing the earliest known juvenile laws.
    • Define and discuss how parens patriae relates to the juvenile justice system.
    • Summarize the original intent of the juvenile justice courts’ treatment aspect and discuss the social changes that began to impact the system in the 1960s.
  2. Delinquency Theories
    • Provide a descriptions of a delinquency theory. Include an analysis of how the theory views delinquency and its causes.
    • Choose the theory most associated with your beliefs and explain why you support that particular theory.
  3. Gang Violence Prevention
    • Why do juveniles join gangs?
    • What are some social characteristics (psychological profile) commonly associated with an individual involved in a gang? Describe these characteristics.
    • What can parents do to help their children stay clear of gangs?
    • How can the community and schools help prevent juveniles’ involvement in gang activity?
    • What approaches are the best for addressing prevention and helping kids get out of gang membership? To best illustrate your response, provide an example of one such approach utilized by a community program or delinquency prevention program.
  4. Adult Court Waiver
    • What is the purpose of the adult court waiver?
    • Specifically, what does it mean for juveniles, as far as their legal rights are concerned, once they have been waived to the adult court system?
    • Has the use of the adult court waiver become more common in recent years?
    • What are the penalties that juveniles can face once they are waived to the adult system?
    • Are there any penalties that juveniles cannot face once they are waived to the adult system?
    • List and describe at least two benefits and two drawbacks of the adult court waiver. Make sure to support your assertions with research.

answer questions

Before completing this task, please first watch In the Womb  (2005, National Geographic, 100 min.).  Making use of striking 3-D and 4-D ultrasound imagery, this documentary opens a window into the delicate, dark world of the fetus, exploring each trimester of pregnancy in great detail, including a view of a fetoscope operation performed in utero to correct life-threatening complications before birth.

Based on the knowledge from the movie, create a pamphlet (text only, no longer than 600 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced) detailing the process of pregnancy and childbirth for expectant fathers. For example, what changes can the father expect in his partner? What changes do the embryo and fetus undergo during each trimester? Why is nutrition so important during pregnancy? What will the newborn look like? How stress influences the embryo and fetus? How can he support the mother during pregnancy and childbirth? Why is social support important for both mother and baby?