Week 4c Stephanie 303


Please respond directly to the below classmate discussion post. Minimum of 100 words.

In the film Training Day, there are countless value-based decisions being made by all characters involved. One of the films opening scenes shows how Hoyt, who is this straight edge, by the book type of police officer quickly went against his morals and values by giving in to Alonzo character. The scene where Alonzo essentially pressures Hoyt into smoking illegal drugs is a prime example. Hoyt admittedly said he wasnt comfortable with it, nor had he ever done it before. However, Alonzos character essentially gave him an ultimatum and told him to smoke the drugs, or he would not be in the narcotics unit. Hoyt ultimately gives in and smokes the drugs going against all of his values.

I recently read an article in the news about how the New York Police Department is currently under investigations for illegally obtaining DNA samples accusations. The lawsuit claims nearly 32,000 DNA samples were illegally obtained without search warrants throughout various investigations. How I relate this to value-based decision making is that on face value, I perceive this story to convey that detectives and investigative officers involved tried to find creative ways to gather DNA samples to solves cases. Some of these ways included keeping the cup of water left by someone in the station or keeping the cigarette left behind to have the DNA stored into a suspect index. While I am assuming these officers and detectives are passionate about their jobs and want to solve crimes, it does no good if it is done illegally.