I will provide my working experience and job duties below, please write me a rec

I will provide my working experience and job duties below, please write me a recommendation letter as if you are my boss – in a format of a recommendation letter. (Maybe you do not need to include and list all my duties, just have a look at it, and maybe conclude some of the main points, the main purpose is to create some highlights and describe me with some positive words and recommend me to the admission officers.
and I will add the name of the manager and my name later on by myself)
Company name: Newlongre Education
Job title – manager
Job duties:
• Advised students individually and in groups on University programs for individual interests.
• Collaborated with parents, school faculty to address problems and grow student success.
• Instructed individuals in career development, job search and application strategies, resume writing and interview skills.
(I am planning to apply for the master of education and as well as some masters that relate to economics ( i know this job might have less to do with econ) but anyways thank you so much, writer!!)
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Discipline: recommendation letter for me to apply for a master degree as if you are my boss

This is personal letter that the student need to write to compete for a research

This is personal letter that the student need to write to compete for a research opportunity at NIH (https://www.training.nih.gov/programs/sip). The prompt was
“Describe your research interests, career goals, and reasons for applying for training at the NIH; be certain that your cover letter is specific for this particular program”
The NIH is committed to maintaining its stature as a premiere research institution by building an inclusive workforce, fostering an environment that respects the individual, and offering an opportunity for each person to develop his or her full potential in the pursuit and support of science. We welcome trainees of all genders, races, ethnicities, physical abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. If you have unique circumstances, or come from adisadvantaged background, please include this information in your cover letter.
I am attaching a draft letter, but I am not happy with it, as it did not come across passionate and competitive. I need your help to adjust it to that, with editing and re-writing
Dear (Whoever),
My name is XXX, and I was informed of your Summer Internship Program through a family friend. I am a first year student at the University of XXX and I am currently studying biochemistry. At the time of writing this letter, I have just completed my first semester at university and had the opportunity to build real experience in higher level labs. The National Institutes of Health have a great reputation as being one of the nation’s leading medical research agencies and I would love the chance to work with and amongst people who share the same passion for the sciences and learning.
As a student, I have already had some experience working in labs/higher level science through college level science courses in high school as well as labs in the university. In high school, I was able to participate in several labs at XXXX State University regarding several different subjects such as gene expression, heredity, and others through my AP Biology course at high school. In high school, I also took AP Environmental Science and Chemistry. In both of these courses, we were taught and assessed over several different regulated labs over a variety of subject matter. Once I got to college, I got the opportunity to complete high level labs in courses such as Principles of Chemistry. Past this, several professors have given me opportunities to explore some labs and their own research out of my own curiosity.
Although I have been extremely fortunate to have this experience and opportunity, none of it would have been possible without my parents. My parents grew up with less opportunity than myself in India and studied until they were able to get the opportunity to immigrate to the United States for work. My parents also researched biology (specifically, plant biology) for most of their lives. My mother has since decided to enter the medical field as a nurse and I have seen the impact she has on her patients. I want to have a similar impact on people’s lives by helping them feel better when they are at their lowest. This scholarship will give me the financial leverage to pursue my Bachelor’s degree and push me closer to my dream of becoming a doctor. Through the scholarship, I will be able to meet students from minority communities who have had similar experiences, thereby helping us to create a vibrant community.
I would love to get an interview and elaborate on ways I can contribute to a research team. You can contact me via email at XXXX or by phone at XXXX. Thank you!