Learning Goal: I’m working on a c programming exercise and need support to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a c programming exercise and need support to help me learn.OverviewIn this lab, you will use TI Code Composer Studio (CCS) to program the TC CC3220x LAUNCHXL to blink some LEDs. Blinking LEDs in the embedded space is equivalent to “Hello, world!” in the desktop space.During this milestone you will use CCS to edit, compile, and load code into the CC32xx board. You will then proceed to use it for debugging. Throughout this process, you explore the components of a CCS project and the CCS code generator (system config). You will also be able to learn more about the PWM driver.Goal: Your objective is to blink the green and yellow LEDs on the board.PromptBegin your work by accessing the Milestone One PWM Lab Guide PDF document. While this document was written for a Windows interface, the tools can be used on Mac or Linux as well. Note that to accomplish the work outlined in the guide, you will need the following:TI CC3220x LAUNCHXL
TI Code Composer Studio (installed)
USB connection between the PC and board
You should have already set up the tools you need to complete this task during your work last week. However, if you would like to review any of the setup information, you may review the guidance in the Module One Assignment. The general setup steps include the following:Proceed to the CC3220S-LAUNCHXL resource and review the documentation on the Texas Instruments microcontroller.
Download and install the SDK from the CC32xx software development kit.
Sign in to the cloud tools that you are going to be using for development at the Code Composer Studio Downloads website.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:Develop code for all of the specified functionality of the PWM peripheral. The LEDs should alternate between 10% and 90% duty cycles.
Requirements: Enough to solve the problem.