monte carlo

This report shall be divided into 3 main section
1- mathematical/analytical explanation of the monte carlo. in this section it is expected to show the mathematical derivation reaching equations and mathematical examples.
2- Simulation of monte carlo using excel. in this it is expected to show how to install the add in using excel and explaining step by step using the simulation (monte carlo) with screenshots
3- applications and real examples of monte carlo using the simulation (excel)

Problem solving

Important: Do not copy any code or plagiarize the explanation details.
Course Name: Evalutiaonary Computation
Check all the details properly in “HW1” file and make sure meet all the requirements in result details, methods and performance plots. Send a random search with the real solutions of those problems.

Proposal Memo

Please follow the directions.
You are writing a memo about Microcontroller-Arduino-based automatic water irrigation system. You should focus on designing the housing for the microcontroller and related components. Design them for a particular manufacturing process. It would be good to have process flow diagrams as you
suggested. You will need to produce all design
documents as well, ideally tooling drawings.
Courses related to this project should be Manufacturing I and ll and computer aided design (CAD ) as well as Project Plan/Cost Evaluation.
My field of study is product realization.
I send my friend memo use the same format to do it like his.
I also send the memo template incase


max 650 words
I´m international student essay is not my best subject
all my information is in the file please tranform it into a great story
using show don´t tell method.
Please include information that admission officers would like to know
I have a humble, a little humorous personality
Please help me be creative you can add anything that you think would make sense.

The paper must be a minimum of Seven (7 ) PAGES for BCN 3762 (NOT including co

The paper must be a minimum of Seven (7 ) PAGES for BCN 3762 (NOT including
cover sheet, table of contents, index, list of references, etc.), double-spaced, one
(1”) inch borders all-around, in 12 point, “Ariel” font. Cite all references using APA
(American Psychological Association) style. See the internet for latest APA style guides
or template,
The topic of the assignment HAS TO BE DIRECTLY RELATED TO FBC 2020
Describe code issues, violations, problems, find case studies.
I can attach the book it has to be related on and a similar example of the assignment.

Database Design Project For the final assignment of this course, you will analyz

Database Design Project
For the final assignment of this course, you will analyze user needs to
facilitate the development of a database using SQL server to track the software
and hardware assigned to the employees of a given organization. The purpose of
this database project is to facilitate the development of data models that can
be translated into relational databases.
Organizations are
legally required to track software and ensure that only legally procured
software licenses are deployed. As a database architect, your task is to
develop a database to track software and hardware for the ConstructCo Company.
ConstructCo is a small construction company that employs 50 employees and owns
over 80 desktop computers, laptops, and servers. You will be using the SQL
Server environment provided during this course. This database will ultimately
be used as a basis for a software license management tool to assist the company
in tracking how the licenses and workstations/PCs are deployed throughout the
must use the ConstructCo Database Design Project template downloadin the creation of your assignment. For each section
of the template, include the content required as listed below.
Document History
The information in this section will be pre-populated in the template. The only
required content will be your name in the “Revised By” column.
Executive Summary
Summarize the project parameters including a short description of each of the
following sections: Conceptual Design, normalization phase, physical design,
Data retrieval and connecting to online databases. There is a Sample of an Executive Summary (Links
to an external site.)on the Writing Center website for your
Conceptual design (ERD creation)
Review the feedback provided for your Week Two ERD Creation interactive
assignment. Carefully review the ISM641 Database Design Project: Business Rules downloadand revise your Visio conceptual model (or
entity-relationship diagram) for your database. Ensure that the following
requirements are met.
Identify all entities
and attributes
Identify all primary
Define all relationships
between entities
Once the ERD is completed for your ConstructCO database project, you will
create the Logical Data Model and check the model against 3rd Normal Form
(3NF). For this phase of the project review your existing ERD feedback from
your Week Three assignment where you converted your ERD into a Logical Data
Model in 3NF. Using information from your Week Three assignment feedback revise
your Logical Data Model. Describe the three normal forms and justify how each
of your tables meets 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Normal Form utilizing a minimum of three
professional sources to support your statements.
Physical Design
In Week Four, you created your database in the SQL server you were provided
within your lab environment and translated this design into SQL server tables
with appropriate fields. Select the appropriate data type for every field. The
specific data type you select will depend on the size and range of the values
that will be stored in the field.
Specify all primary
keys as “identity” fields, and not as auto-increment.
After creating the
tables, use the “insert” command to populate the tables with sample data for
all the tables. (This will be affirmed in your SQL server in the lab
Data Retrieval
Provide select statements to satisfy the following data requests.
List all available
laptops assigned laptops to managers.
List all available
named licenses.
List the workstations
that are over three years old (from the date of purchase) and assigned to
List the name of the
leads, workstation IDs, and location.
List the names of all
the leads in the operations department.
List all the
workstations with an amount of disk space less that the average disk space
available in all workstations.
List the names of all
managers with employees who have not been assigned a workstation.
Include screen shots
of the SQL statements used to perform each step as well as the result sets
resulting from the execution of the SQL statements. Describe what you did to
complete each step.
Connect Online Databases with Front-End Interfaces
In order to connect the database with the front-end interface you will modify
the Java code provided on the Connection URL Sample ( website
to retrieve the list of all workstations assigned to managers. The output must
include the first name, last name, and department of the managers as well as
the workstation ID and date of purchase.
Modify the Java Code
to insert new workstation record in the workstations table if provided with the
WorkstationID, type, location, purchase date, memory, disk space and CPU speed.
Include the modified code by copying and pasting the code as plain text at the
bottom of this section.
The Database Design
Must be 15 to 20
double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and
formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center (Links to an external
Must include a
separate title page with the following:
o Title of paper
o Student’s name
o Course name and number
o Instructor’s name
o Date submitted
Must document any
outside resources used in APA style
Connection URL sample

This assignment has been designed to enable learners studying construction relat

This assignment has been designed to enable learners studying construction related programmes an introduction to the different technological concepts used to enable the construction of building elements; from substructure to completion, by understanding the different functional characteristics and design considerations to be borne in mind when selecting the most suitable technological solution. You are employed as an Architectural Technician by a partnership firm of Consultants, comprising Architects, Landscape Architects, Architectural Technologist, Structural Engineers and Quantity Surveyors. The Practice has accepted an appointment with the Local Borough Council to design and develop a new medical centre in the Birmingham area. You are involved in the design and construction of Richmond Medical Centre in the Bordesley Green Area, the site is approximately 6 miles to the city centre and is closely connected to the city centre and motorway network. The drawing of the Medical Centre complex is available on Moodle. The land proposed for the new build has previously been used as a public house with some industrial units, so the site has been classified as a brownfield site. It will be necessary therefore to undertake a thorough site and ground investigation before building can commence. Your employer has asked you to produce a ‘design consideration’ report to be distributed to new employees. The document is to consider the functional requirements and design selection criteria for different elements of typical commercial building. The report should contain the following: • Evaluate how the functional characteristics and design selection criteria impact on the eventual design solution • Prepare a design report identifying superstructure, substructure and civil engineering structures necessary for a given building construction project. • Appraise how the distribution of the primary services impact on the overall design of the building. (Primary Service appraisal should be in the form of a Brochure / leaflet) This document should also consider the following elements of the superstructure: • Walls • Roofs • Floors – ground and intermediate • Windows and door • Staircases • Finishes • Substructure and remediation work • Services distribution and installation

It is your first day on your new job as an IT Specialist. An end user that you s

It is your first day on your new job as an IT Specialist. An end user that you support brings their Desktop PC to you to diagnose. This is their description of the issue:
“I reset my computer the other day, and now I can’t get access to the internet. I’m able to browse over wireless connection, but I want fast download/upload speeds, so hooking in directly is important for me. Please help me fix this issue.”
Using the tools and troubleshooting methodology we have discussed, walk through what steps you will take to diagnose the root cause of the issue, and what tools you will use to confirm functionality after the issue has been diagnosed. For this assignment, I am looking for your thought process, so please be specific in how you will go about troubleshooting this issue.