FER (Facial Expression Recognition) in E-learning

I want an acadimic resaerch paper with 12 ful pages (not included refrences page or graphs pages).

About using FER to improve E-learning system , FER is one of AI application , the writer should be expert in AI & ML and have acadimic background , & free of palagrism kindly follow the description below, I will not accept low quality , copy based or shallow information , I need deep acadimic writting.

Abstract: It describes the main synopsis of your paper
Introduction: It provides background information necessary to understand the research and getting readers interested in your subject. The introduction is where you put your problem in context and is likely where the bulk of your sources will appear. 

Literature review: The review should describe, summarize, evaluate and clarify information found in the literaturerelated to your selected area of study. It should give a theoretical base for the research and help you determine the nature of your research. 

Methodology: Describe your method here. Summarize the general idea ,highlight features relevant to your project.

Discussion: demonstrate the work you have accomplished on this term paper and explain its significance. You should spend the bulk of your paper time not just gathering data, but determining what it ultimately means and deciding how best to showcase these findings. 

Conclusion: The conclusion should give your reader the points to take home from your paper. It should state clearly what your results demonstrate about the problem you were tackling in the paper. It should also generalize your findings, putting them into a useful context that can be built upon. All generalizations should be supported by your data, however; the discussion should prove these points, so that when the reader gets to the conclusion, the statements are logical and seem self-evident.

Bibliography: Refer to any reference that you used in your assignment. Citations in the body of the paper should refer to a bibliography at the end of the paper.  

The term paper discussed above in a single 10-12 page paper

The paper will be double spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides

 Use proper footnotes or endnotes to cite your sources. 

You may use footnotes or endnotes, but the must be properly formatted and complete.

 Use the MS Word font Times New Roman and 11 or 12 points. 

Your paper must include 12 pages of text. No coversheet or table of contents will not be counted toward the page-count. 

Your references and large graphics will also not be considered in the page-count.

Pitch Deck – High Quality Pitch – Diffusion of Innovation

Hi, Please read through the guidline attached and deliver me a very good quality pitch deck for the topic: Diffusion of Innovation. 

I need the following content in the presentation: 
1. Identify a technical innovation, and describe how it arose, and whether it has been alasting innovation.2. Using appropriate research sources, examine how the innovation emerged, how it wasintroduced to society, and how it has propagated. Pay particular attention to whetherpropagation occurred through person-to-person contact versus a larger-scale form (e.g.,mass media).3. Identify factors that might have influenced the rate of adoption (e.g., societal or industryfactors, complexity)4. Develop a short pitch deck that- identifies the innovation being discussed- identifies who and how it was invented- provides a brief summary of the propagation of the innovation a timeline would beideal- provides a summary of what you think were factors influencing the rate of adoption- indicates whether it has been a lasting innovation- provides an indication of its impact5. Please use photos / images where possible Please make sure you have enough textassociated with the pitch deck on slides, or on handout notes associated with slides to convey the points.6. Please make sure you provide proper attribution for any images you include that you didnot create, and please make sure that you provide proper attribution to referencesources. You can use a standard citation format of your choice, and include thereferences on a single slide at the end of your pitch deck. Youre also welcome toprovide citations as footnotes on the bottom of your slide instead.

Automotive Security Testing Approaches

I will attach more than enough instructions in the pdf.
A link to the LaTeX template. https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html
(Attached is the template pdf incase link doesnt work)
The topic is Automotive Security Testing Approaches. To write a report about this topic you have to write about one or more of these: process, lifecycle, framework, principles, implementation details. (preferably lifecycle be included but its your choice)
Please contact me with any questions at anytime. I will reply fast.