Locate and review three websites that inform you about Crafting Strategies for

 Locate and review three websites that inform you about Crafting Strategies for international markets, or multi-business companies, or diversified companies. You may elect to review websites of specific companies themselves, but it must be clear that there is a global element to the company. 
 600-750 word paper as a memorandum of discovery. No particular format will be observed for this paper, but organize your writing into three sections that review each of the three websites, and then write a fourth concluding section that summarizes what you gleaned from this investigation. The summary conclusion should put together the benefit of the whole experience. [Note: Keep in mind that this assignment is not aimed at reviewing articles in websites, but rather, the company websites themselves, and the international strategies that they describe.] 

Should abortion be legalized? The topic should address a single moral problem th

Should abortion be legalized?
The topic should address a single moral problem that exists in our society.  
 You need to structure your paper as follows:
Introduction – Set up the paper by introducing the nature of your topic in the context of how it can seen as a moral dilemma or problem in society. As well, you must state explicitly your goal for this paper. 
The opposing sides of the debate – in an unbiased fashion, you need to present each side of a moral debate with common supporting reasons why people would argue for it from opposing sides. For instance, if you choose Euthanasia, then you need to lay out argumentation in support of–as well as against–someone having the procedure. These arguments can be commonly held at large. Whether you agree with everything on both sides isn’t important. It just needs to be presented in a clear way. If done correctly, the reader wouldn’t know which side of the debate you are on, given your fair attention to each side. (In the past, some students have been incredibly slanted in this section which didn’t bode well for them grade-wise.)
Your own evaluation (i.e. the most important part of the paper) – Having established many viewpoints on either side of the debate, you now will argue your own view. This needs to be a clear, well argued itinerary that shows critical thought on your part as well as connection to some philosophical view we’ve seen this semester. If you do not directly connect your argument to something we learned by way of ethical theories or philosophers we’ve studied, you will get no higher than a C on this paper. To be clear, choose a single ethical theory to support your viewpoint. Do not try to squeeze in multiple theories. You do not need to include a full summary, but you do need to explain the concept behind it and explain how it can be used as a useful rationale to support whatever your viewpoint is. I need to see more than one sentence on the theory in the paper. This is an ethics final paper. I need to see some philosophy being applied here to the issue.  
Conclusion – Round out the paper by restating your purpose in connection with what has been said. You don’t have to solve the world’s problems by the end of the paper, but you should at least suggest some compelling direction toward improving a current situation we facing in society.
*You may use reliable outside sources, and you must cite them accordingly.
Ask yourself the following questions to ensure you’ll get the best grade possible:
Do I introduce a viable moral topic with a bit of context, AND do I explain my goal for this paper?
Do I present to opposing sides of the moral issue with established and supporting premises for each side?
Do I put forth my own evaluation which favors or opposes a side of this moral debate, and do I use an ethical position I have learned this semester to help support to my argument?
Is the ethical view that I have chosen given enough detail so that a reader would have a basic grasp of its meaning, independently of this paper?
Does my conclusion summarize the aim of this paper and affirm my argument as being worthy of consideration to a reader?
An “A” paper will have:
+A proper introduction that introduces a topic and qualifies it as worth of ethical consideration. After this, you must also state the intent of the paper. Something such as “In this paper I will…” or “The goal of this report is to show…” or “I intend to argue in favor of…” etc. You must do more than indicate there are a lot of views on a given topic, then move on. Make it clear what the reader is going to gain from reading this.
+Provide an overview of the ethical issue for which you are presenting, explaining the relevant arguments on two opposing sides of the issue in a factual, non-evaluative manner. I.e. Do not include opinions, personal thoughts or other biases in this portion of the paper.
+Once you’ve presented the subject and shown two opposing sides of it, you need to make a thoughtful, well-reasoned argument in favor of a position you hold regarding the topic. You must demonstrate elements of critical thought with a philosophical mindset. You must cite a philosopher, ethical theory or some philosophical rationale that you’ve learned this semester amidst your argument. If you don’t include philosophy you will definitely not get an A.
+The paper needs to have a logical structure that demonstrates effort, detail to editing and a clear flow of information, as well as nearly perfect grammar. Avoid fragmented sentences. This is a very common problem in student writing. Form complete sentences. You aren’t writing a text message. You aren’t writing poetry or a blog entry. This is academic writing. Be formal. Proofread, and have someone else proofread if you are unsure.
+A conclusion that neatly wraps up the purpose of the paper and leaves the reader with a sense of accomplishment in having spent the time reading your work. 
+Reach proper word count of 1200+ words

 Let’s used apple company  Complete the following information about the organiza

 Let’s used apple company 
Complete the following information about the organization and products and/or services you will focus on as you develop a complete marketing plan throughout the course. You may need to do research to get answers to the questions below. Be sure the organization and offer you select will 1) remain interesting to you for the duration of the course, and 2) have sufficient information available for you to conduct research and make informed recommendations in your marketing plan.
Company Profile
Company Name:
Major products and/or services (names, types):
Products and/or services your marketing plan will focus on:
Target customers:
Distribution channel(s):
Headquarters (city, state, country):
Year founded:
Number of employees:
Annual revenue (estimated)
Key competitors:
Link to Web site:
Link to Yahoo! Finance information page (for public companies):
Market Segmentation and Targeting
What problem does your product or service solve?
Describe the total market for your solution: Who are potential customers?
What are the key segments within this market?
Identify and briefly describe 1–3 segments that this company serves.
Which segment does this marketing plan focus on, and why? Why do you believe this segment will offer growth and profit opportunities?
Situation and Company Analysis
Economic Environment
Discuss factors that affect your consumers’ purchasing power and spending patterns. What is the economic environment that you are operating in? Is it growth, recovery or recession? Will it be easy to find staff? What is the current interest rate i.e. is it increasing or decreasing? What is consumer confidence like?
Technical Environment
The technological environment changes rapidly. You need to make sure that you are aware of trends in your industry and other industries could affect your business. New technologies create new markets and can influence you, consumers and competitors. Industry environment What are the trends in your industry? Are there new entrants in the market? Has a substitute product been introduced? Are there changes in industry practices or new benchmarks to use?
Competitive Environment
How many competitors do you have? Who are the key competitors? What are the key selling points or competitive advantages of each one? What is your advantage over competitors? Is the market large enough to support you and competitors?
Political Environment
Consider the political environment for the areas that your business will trade and operate in. Is there a stable political system? Are there any licenses and regulations that you should be aware of? Do you need to win support to be able to operate?
SWOT Analysis
Instruction: Complete the table below with descriptive responses and explanation as you answer the questions below.
Does the organization have a strong brand presence?
What resources are available for marketing activities?
Does the company have unique products or services that satisfy the needs of its target market?
What makes the company’s products or services unique?
What value is brought to customers?
Does the organization have a weak brand presence?
Are resources insufficient for marketing activities?
Does the company lack distinctive products or services?
Do current products or services fail to satisfy the needs of customers?
Do current products or services fail to bring value to customers?
What is the unique opportunity that the company is trying to take advantage of?
Does the target market have any unfulfilled needs that the company can satisfy?
Are there emerging target markets with needs that the company can satisfy?
Are there ways the company and its competitors can benefit from working together?
Are there opportunities for collaborating with customers to build a brand presence?
Describe and analyze if market demand is increasing?
Are there changes in the government regulations that will affect the company?
Describe any emerging global issues that will affect the company?
What are the tactics that competitors use to pursue customers?
What are the strengths of the company’s biggest and or emerging competitors?
In what ways are the competitors’ products or services superior to the company’s offerings?
How are competitors likely to respond to any changes in the way the company markets?
Is the company behind in adopting new technologies for marketing?
Describe any ways in which international competitors are taking away market share?
What do customers dislike about the company?
Describe and analyze if market demand is decreasing?
Mission, Objectives, and Goals
State the mission or business purpose: what the organization wants to achieve, in market-oriented terms. (Example: Disney’s mission could be, “We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages.)
List 1–3 objectives that move the organization a step closer to achieving the mission. (Example: A Disney objective could be, “To be the most popular theme park for international visitors.”)
Convert objectives into specific marketing goals that are easy to measure and evaluate. (Example: Our goal is to increase the market share of international theme park visitors by 10% in the next two years.”)

2000 word report and follow the format I requested  accounting intern at Ey  pos

2000 word report and follow the format I requested 
accounting intern at Ey 
position assurance intern 
in saudi arabia 
The purpose of the Internship Report is offer students to describe their accomplishments and demonstrate what they learned through participation at Al Yamamah University. The report should be submitted within two weeks after you finish your Co-op training Program. And the report should be approximately 2000 words, single –spaced and consider taking the following format:
1. First Page
First page should display student’s full name, internship start and finish dates, working
hours per week, company/institution name.
This page should be signed by the work and university supervisor off the intern student.
2. A Brief Executive Summary of the Internship
A one-page summary of the company/institution and a short account of the major activities carried out during the internship period.
3. Table of Contents
Contents of the report with page numbers, list of tables, and list of figures. 4. Description of the company
This section should answer the following questions:
 What is the full title of the company/institution? Give a brief history of the company, full mailing address and relevant web links
 What is the type of ownership of the company/institution? State the main shareholders and their shares.
 What is the sector that the company/institution operates in? Specify the products and services produced and offered to its customers/clients.
 Who are regarded as the customers/clients of your internship company (consider the end users, retailers, other manufacturers, employees, etc.)?
 Provide an organization chart of the company, along with information on the number of employees.
 Provide a list of functions performed by different departments/divisions in the internship organization.

5. Internship activities
This is the main body of your report. During the internship period, an intern may focus on the following types of analysis and questions. You do not have to answer all the questions in the list:
• Describe your working conditions and functions, such as: Who is your supervisor (include his/her name and his/her position); other team members or co-workers and what their functions are to complement yours.
• Provide an organization chart of the internship organization.
• Provide the department or division layout of the internship organization.
• Provide an overview off the production system or service procedure (what are the resources, inputs, outcomes, and constraints?)
• Provide a process chart of a major product and/or service.
• What kind of accounting/finance/IT//quality/marketing standards and principles are
used in the organization?
• Discuss telecommunication technologies (Database, Instant Messenger,
Networking, Ecommerce tools) used in the company.
• Describe the quality planning and control activities in the internship organization.
• Describe the quality control activities throughout the life cycle of the product/service groups.
• What kind of financial analysis and decision making methods are used by corporate treasurers and financial managers in the internship organization?
• What kinds of incentives are used in order to create more effective and efficient organization?
• What types of marketing, selling, and human resources analysis are performed (cost system, evaluation of consumers, needs, product strategy, distribution strategy, promotional strategy)?
• Describe what kind of working documents and analysis you did there and what experiences you have gained throughout your training.
•A comparison between theory (things you have learned in the classroom) and practice (things you did or observed at the company) must be made.
• Show some work samples that you have encountered/conducted at the company through graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations and include them in your report.
6. How Al Yamamah University prepared you for the internship. 7. An assessment of the internship
In this section, you should answer the following questions:
 What skills and qualifications you think that you have gained from the internship?
 What kind of responsibilities you have undertaken during the internship period?
 How do you think the internship will influence your future career plans?
 How do you think the internship activities that you carried out are correlated with your Classroom knowledge?
8. Conclusions of the report
This section should include:
• A summary of key conclusions derived from the internship experience.
• General observations about the sector in which your internship company/institution operates
9. Appendices and supplementary material (charts, graphs, pictures, etc.)
10. References
Rules for writing the internship report:
• You do not have to provide a day-to-day diary of the internship activities.
• Do not write theoretical excerpts from textbooks! Describe what you exactly did there and what experiences you have gained throughout your training.
• The internship report should be between 1700 to 2500 words.
• The internship report should be original. Plagiarism will result in failure in the
course and disciplinary action.
• You can include graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations in your report; however, they should not cover more than 1/3 of the page. Larger graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations should be given as an Appendix.

Week 5 Assignment – Leading and Managing the HR Project Overview Continuing from

Week 5 Assignment – Leading and Managing the HR Project
Continuing from the previous assignment, it is now important to consider your approach to leading and managing your HR project. Tightly structured projects tend to restrict cross-organizational communication. As such, objectives originate at the top of the project and are subdivided as they are passed down, resulting in little opportunity for creative contributions. Effective leadership and managing of the project can greatly improve communication and team contributions.
Write a 5–6 page paper in which you:
Select two types of project management power that would be relevant to your current project, and explain your rationale.
Be specific.
Identify and briefly discuss a minimum of four outcomes (possible issues) resulting from managing projects, and address how you might resolve the issues. Be clear with your rationale.
Discuss two increased challenges a project manager may face when leading virtual or global project teams.
Recommend three strategies to deal with the challenges.
Identify and explain your overall plan for communication management during the project. The plan must be comprehensive and at a minimum address structure, purpose, method, and timing.
Use three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.

https://cafexapp.com/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

https://cafexapp.com/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
https://bobarobo.com/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
https://www.blendid.com/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
https://www.impossiblefoods.com/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
https://www.beyondmeat.com/ (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
https://culturedbeef.org/what-cultured-meat (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Please think about what kinds of future or new foods you may want or wish to taste or experience? Your thinking about one of the above new trends. (The new trend can be one of our food cultures. ) Also, please introduce any new food or technology you would like to introduce and why you select it.
1 page long (Times New Roman 12 Font Size, please include a picture in the report, minimum 550 words, its website address, or reference information).

Answer and discuss ALL of the following:1.  Devise your own example of how a fir

Answer and discuss ALL of the following:1.  Devise your own example of how a firm might differentiate itself in terms of corporate governance. Be able to support your answer.
2.  Do you think “green practices” should be voluntary or mandatory for businesses? Explain your answer.
3.  In your opinion, do you think an MNE should remain politically neutral and adopt the practices and laws of the host country?  Be able to support your answer.Participation Requirements:Original discussion forum posts:
Create a thread for your original post identified with your name.
Prepare a quality, substantive post that addresses the objectives of the discussion forum and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric
Include supportive evidence; such as direct applicable experience and expert sources.
Due no later than Wednesday, 11:59 pm, CT

Integrative Case 4.3: Sino Iron: Engaging Stakeholders in Australia (p. 578) Ans

Integrative Case 4.3: Sino Iron: Engaging Stakeholders in Australia (p. 578)
Answer Case questions 1-4
1. If you were Hua Dongyi, Chairman of Sino Iron in Australia, how would you deal with the Australian government given its negative attitude on Chinese investment? 
2. Compare CITIC’s overseas project investments and operations in Africa and Australia. What are the institutional differences? How do these differences affect firm performance? 
3. What liabilities of foreignness did CITIC encounter in Australia? How could these be overcome? 4. Who were the stakeholders in the Sino Iron project? How can the Chinese company best engage them?

Final Project Instructions: Using APA formatting requirements (12 point Times Ne

Final Project
Using APA formatting requirements (12 point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, 1″ margins, title and reference pages), write a 1,500-2,500 word paper in which you diagnose a process/structure/environment in an organization that you’re familiar with (and that you chose in week 1 and have been researching during the term) and that needs improvement and design an organizational development (OD) intervention to achieve positive change. 
In addition to your standard APA formatting requirements, your paper should include an Executive Summary which succinctly describes your recommended change(s), highlights of what will be required during the change process, and a projected timeline for implementation.  For a detailed sample structure for your paper, please review the lecture from Week 1.