Discussion: 4 Modes of Subsistence and Social Equality or Inequality

The textbook discusses 4 subsistence practices in Chapter 5 and connects them to group size, social equality and inequality.  

1. Discuss how your textbook connects subsistence practices, group size, social equality and inequality.  Use the example of 1 subsistence mode. example.

2. Respond to 2 students’ posts with 2-3 short sentences.

Strategic Management

No outside source needed, no citation needed. 

Please read all 3 files (1 for instruction, 1 for case questions, and the case study) 
3 to 4 pages (single space) including charts and graph, so no need to write 3 pages full of text.

discuss 7

Discuss from video: 

List the main factors that may help to explain the wage differential between two different jobs in an organization with which you are familiar?

louis armstrong

This week we examined the early career of and cultural/musical influence of Louis Armstrong. In this assignment, respond to the following question: 

Q: Louis Armstrong’s influence in American culture is far-reaching and enduring. Describe at least two aspects of Louis Armstrong’s career that have been influential to US culture and/or music, explaining why each is influential. 


– minimum length one page typed (250 words), double-spaced, no larger than 12 font size, default margins. Use only your name as a heading, with your response beginning on the next line. 

– You may use only sources from class in your response. These may include class discussions, required readings, and powerpoint slides. For any included sources, provide internal citations (parenthesis or footnote). A full bibliography is not required. 

accounting essay

Purpose, Background, and General Criteria:

This writing assignment covers conceptual material and is designed to help build your understanding of the material through focused critical thinking. 

Content, concept application, and writing quality will impact your grade. 

Writing Assignment #1:


Now that we have completed chapters 1-5 you have been exposed to all four financial statements (Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows,) the account types (Revenues, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, and Equity,) and ideas about internal controls and ethics as they relate to accounting. You have also worked on topics that include managements estimates for particular amounts, managements choice about an accounting method to use, or transaction that would likely require management approval. It is time to purposefully consider how these topics relate to each other. Additionally, it is important for business students to develop an ethical decision-making model and a sense of good ethical behavior. This assignment is intended to help work on both those objectives.


Part 1 Financial Statements and Internal Control

Describe why you think it is important for external stakeholders to have access to a companys financial statements. Consider who external stakeholders may be and provide some examples of how or why the external stakeholders would use a companys financial statements.

Why is an adequate environment and system of internal control important for an organization in order to produce reliable financial statements? Find an example of an organization that does not have strong internal control. (You can search to find examples or use personal experience, or both.) Describe what you think contributed to the organizations internal control weaknesses.


Part 2 Ethics and Fraud

Briefly describe what ethics are and how you think ethical standards apply to the business environment. Include in your answer a description of the fraud triangle and how you think the fraud triangle is related to both internal control and ethics.

How could management in a business unethically use their influence or responsibilities to produce financial statements that are misleading? Would it be fraudulent if they did so? Why or why not?


Part 3 Ethics and Cheating

Why do you think high ethical standards are an attribute that our school expects of its students? Do you think cheating or acts of academic dishonesty that occur in your academic environment impact the value of your education and the value of your college degree?

Do you think that a student who commits acts of academic dishonesty can be a trustworthy business partner in the future?

Philosophy (Aristotle)

Based on pages 1-9, write a detailed summary about the Philosopher Aristotle. (College paper for Philosophy)

Essay word count: minimum word count (1200) maximum word count (1500). No additional citations/sources besides pages 1-9.

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation to the UT Austin undergraduate admissions. I’m applying to their business school as a business management major.

It should be a simple letter of recommendation that needs 300 words and there’s no maximum. I’ve also given you extra help below if you need ideas about what to talk about.
You can write about me, my character, characteristics, skills, uniqueness, and just about everything else that is important.
Address it as if you are talking about me to someone else, for example "Mustafa is a great character to have in your presence" "he is" "he has been."


For your first discussion board posting, reflect on the differences between the ways Tapper (author of Judaisms, our main textbook) and Fishbane (author of our supplementary text this week) introduce their subject. First, see if you can come up with a brief list of three differences. Then, ask yourself what might account for these differences. Share both your list and your subsequent reflection with the class on the discussion board.

**Both readings are attached below.

Ideologies and Individual Freedom

When is a person truly free in society? Discuss and explain what individual freedom means to you.  For example, ask yourself if a person can be free in a society where they feel unsafe, or are not treated equally and equitably. Based on your discussion and the characteristics you associate with a free society, identify the philosopher you feel best preserves individual freedom. Explain how that philosopher’s ideas best preserve individual freedom. Lastly, discuss the importance of individual freedom in society relative to the common good (what is in the best interest of all). Is there a proper balance between freedom, safety, and justice in society? What should that balance look like, especially if it means curtailing individual freedom in pursuit of ends that benefit society as a whole? 

1. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Instructions for completing the Semi-Finalist Essay
If you are typing your essay in a Word document and copying and pasting, please ensure you are within the word limit (800 words). Anything over the word limit will be cut off. While typing your essay refrain from using quotation marks and/or symbols, besides punctuation. The application does not recognize special symbols, such as: ~ " " < *

1. Consider your audience. Your essay will be read by committees comprised of university faculty, members of the business and philanthropic communities, Dorrance Scholarship Program alumni, and members of the Dorrance family.
2. Start early so you have plenty of time to write and revise.
3. Read the prompt carefully, respond to the topic given, and follow directions.
4. Write about the specific rather than the general, the concrete rather than the abstract.
5. Avoid repeating information that is already available elsewhere in your application; the essay is not a good place for lists of your accomplishments.
6. Avoid overstatements and understatements; accuracy and sincerity are best.
7. Focus on the positive; even hardships teach a lesson or make you stronger.
8. Use only words or ideas that are familiar to you. Do not use outside sources.
9. Use formal language appropriate for an academic essay.
10. Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and neatness matter. Ask someone else to proofread your entire application before you submit.
11. This must be your original work.

Essay Prompt

Choose one of the following and compose an essay. This is not a research project; draw from your own reading, coursework, experiences, or observations and discuss what the ideas mean to you.

1. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.