Instructions: The big limitation of the histogram we implemented last week is th

Instructions: The big limitation of the histogram we implemented last week is that it could only maintain one histogram at a time, due to the reliance on static variables. In this exercise, we will use object-oriented principles to create a class that can be instantiated multiple times, to maintain and draw multiple histograms. You can see this in action in the main method of the Runner class, which reads through a file containing (fictitious) student grades, and plots separate histograms for each subject as well as a histogram that combines all subjects. It would be impossible to manage these multiple histograms simultaneously with the static version of the Histogram from last week. You have three tasks for this exercise: Task 1: Decide what should or should not be declared as static. For every field and method in this do my homework for me, replace the static or not placeholder with either static (if you think it should be static) or nothing (if not). When making your decisions, try to think about what values and methods should be shared across all instances of a Histogram vs. which should be separate for each Histogram. Try to make the methods and fields static as much as possible, unless there is a clear reason to make them not static. Hint: there is at least one field and a couple of methods that should be declared as static. 
Marking will fail unless you choose the correct fields and methods to be static. Task 2: Decide what should be declared as public or private. For every field and method in this class, replace the public or private placeholder with either public or private. When making your decisions about each field or method, try to think about whether code that is external to the Histogram class would need to know about that field or method, or whether that field or method could be treated as an internal detail that only the Histogram class needs to know about. Try to make the methods and fields private as much as possible, unless there is a clear reason to make them public. For example, take a look at the Runner class. This class needs to be able to create histograms, add values to it, and print the histogram. So these are things that need to be public. What other parts of Histogram do external classes like Runner need access to? What parts are instead internal details that they don’t really need to know/care about? Hint: there are multiple fields and methods that should be declared as private. Again, marking will fail unless you choose the correct fields and methods to be private. Task 3: Fill in the gaps There are some methods that are incomplete. These are the same gaps that were present in the exercise from last week, so if you completed that one this task should be trivial.
How did the decisions in Curtiss and Youngstown change the understanding of war making powers? Is this the understanding today? 2 pages, double spaced. Font 12. Add references. Use these two links as references. I have more to provide, once assigned.
In what ways should a company demonstrate social responsibility, ethical behavior, and good corporate/community citizenship? Use a company that you know of, large or small, to illustrate your views. 1-2 paragraphs
he Market Research work will include market research for a business idea. You should study the market or industry you want to pursue for your business idea. The format should be a research work and will be graded separately using the Market Research Rubric. Feedback should be applied to the Final Project. This assignment will be due in Module Two. Main Elements: The work should use the specific worksheet “Research Questions—Industry/Economic Sector, Target Market, Company” in Chapter 3 of the textbook as an outline in developing the key elements for this subject. Your analysis should include answers to the guiding questions in this worksheet. There are other worksheets found in Chapter 3 of the textbook that can be used as background information to direct your research. These worksheets provide key questions that help entrepreneurs proceed through the discovery phase of business development and develop a sense of the best viable market for their idea. Additionally, the Module Two Study Guide provides many websites and source of information to support this work. The Market Research work should include four sections:  Brief Introduction  Description of Industry/Economic Sector  Evaluation of the Target Market  Company Overview Requirements of submission: The Market Research work assignment must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations. Page length requirement: 2–3 pages.
1. Please read the text “Prime Time” by Marc Freedman on pages 426-428 (Reading 44 in the 9th edition, as part of Controversy 10). The author predicts that, in the future, aging baby boomers will behave in ways that make earlier ideas of retirement obsolete. In this view, civic engagement could become a new retirement role in years to come. What does Freedman mean by “civic engagement” and what would it take for his vision to come to pass? 2. Please read the text “Moving toward a creative retirement” on pages 436-438 (Reading 46 in the 9th edition, as part of Controversy 10). Manheimer’s article provides us with a contrasting view of how retirement can be a creative period in a person’s life. Just as paid work is not the only form of productivity, so recreation and relaxation are not the only forms that leisure might take. How does Manheimer define “creative retirement” and what are your thoughts about this option for the post-work years of the life course? The total length of the responses (the answers to both questions) should be at least 2 full pages (that is about 23 lines with double line spacing x 2 on US letter size, not including the question) and cannot be longer than 3 full pages. Use Times Roman, 12 (or similar); Double line spacing; Standard margins (1 inch on top and bottom, 1.25 inches on left and right side);
Explain Succession, Human impact on succession, how succession impact our environment, be detailed. 6-page work 1-page work 2-intro/body 3-body 4-body 5-body/conclusion 6-reference page Please have 12 font, double space, indent, page #, proper heading
The worksheet should be typed, double spaced, and written in complete sentences. (Concept Analysis Worksheet) (Links to an external site.) Reference page and in-text citations must follow APA guidelines as found in the current edition of the manual. The source of the concept for this assignment must be a published nursing Non-nursing theories may not be used. A minimum of 4 (four) scholarly references must be used. Required textbooks for this course, and Chamberlain College of Nursing lesson information may not be used as scholarly references for this assignment. A dictionary maybe used as a reference for the section titled “Definition/Explanation of the selected nursing concept”, but it is not counted as one of the 4 required scholarly nursing references. Be aware that information from .com websites may be incorrect and should be avoided. References are current as shown at – within a 5-year time frame unless a valid rationale is provided and the instructor has approved them. Ideas and information from scholarly, peer reviewed, nursing sources must be cited and referenced correctly. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal, scientific writing. Please note: Do not rely on .com sites to identify the nursing theory as they do not provide accurate information at
you have the unfortunate situation of being infected by influenzas (H1N1), a virus that causes flu. Whereas you might not know specific details about this particular pathogen, the fact that it is an intracellular pathogen provides you with a surprising amount of information about immune responses that are initiated by innate cells to both instruct lymphocytes and to try to limit infection while the adaptive system becomes competent.
In this assignment you will choose three general topics of interest to you related to psychological assessment from the list below. Infants and preschool-aged children Children ages 5 through 12 years Children with neurodevelopmental disorders Neuropsychological assessment of adolescents Children and adolescents with anxiety disorders Children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder Intellectual assessment of adults Individuals with schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders Individuals with obsessive-compulsive and related disorders Individuals with intellectual disabilities Individuals with autism spectrum disorders Individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder Individuals with depressive disorders Individuals with neurocognitive disorders Individuals with hearing impairments Individuals with visual impairments Gifted individuals Individuals who have served in the military Research five peer-reviewed articles in the Ashford University Library that were published within the last 15 years, including a minimum of one article for each of your three chosen topics. In your work, begin with an introduction that describes the role of assessment in diagnosis and treatment. Using your researched articles, compare at least two psychological or educational tests and/or assessment procedures for each of the topics chosen. Analyze and describe the psychometric methodologies employed in the development and/or validation of the tests and/or assessment procedures associated with each of the three topics. Debate any relevant approaches to assessment of the constructs being evaluated by any tests and assessments you described. Include an analysis of any challenges related to assessing individuals from diverse social and cultural backgrounds for each of the three topics. Conclude by evaluating the ethical and professional issues that influence the interpretation of testing and assessment data. You may cite from your textbook to assist you in the development of your introduction and the conclusion of your work; however, the textbook cannot count as one of the five required peer-reviewed articles.
Note: It is common for there to be a delay between the time a test publisher updates a test and the time the textbook and other authors can update their information about the new version of the test. Be sure to do online research to make sure you are recommending the most current version of the test. If there is a newer version than the version discussed in the textbook or other readings, recommend the newest version. Writing Help Review The Literature Review: Must be 6 to 8 double-spaced pages in length (not including title or references pages) and must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Must include a title page with the following: Title of work Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must begin with an introduction that describes the role of assessment in diagnosis and treatment. Must address the topic of the work with critical thought. Must end with a conclusion that summarizes your evaluation addressing the current use of psychological tests and the role of assessment in diagnosis and treatment. Must use at least five peer-reviewed sources published within the last 15 years, all of which come from the Ashford University Library. Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Writing Center (Links to an external site.).

Introduction Read the following case study and respond to the question below.In

Read the following case study and respond to the question below.In April 2010, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 workers and spewing four million barrels of light crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It was the largest oil spill in U.S. history and ranked among the top 10 world’s worst human-caused environmental disasters. Approximately 47,000 square miles, or one-fifth of the total area of the Gulf, was affected, as well as beaches and coastal marshes. Before it was finally contained three months later, the spill killed hundreds of sea turtles, sea birds, and marine mammals, in addition to countless fish. BP worked with the U.S. Coast Guard and other government agencies to contain the damage. BP ended active clean-up operation in November 2011 and is now focusing on restoring areas damaged by the spill. Effects of the spill on the ecosphere and animal life will not be known for years, although recovery has been faster than expected. Hundreds of people, including fishers, shrimpers, and workers in the tourism industry, were out of work as a result of the spill. BP set up a $20 billion fund to compensate victims of the spill. Disputes overcompensation are still ongoing (1).The explosion causing the spill occurred on April 20, 2010. On April 30, the U.S. Justice Department banned new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. U.S. President Barack Obama used the authority granted to the president by the 1953 Outer Continental Shelf Land Act, to withdraw all the Chukchi Sea and the majority of the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic from future oil and gas drilling. (2) The Trump administration has opened up the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic U.S. coastal areas to oil and gas drilling. Environmentalists argue that it would be difficult or almost impossible to contain an oil spill in the Arctic because of the area’s remoteness, the ice cover, and the lack of daylight during the winter months.   
Question: Should we be drilling for oil in the Arctic offshore?
1. Judith Boss. 2020. Analyzing Moral Issues. p. 452. McGraw-Hill Higher Education 7th edition textbook available at 
2. The Guardian. 2010. Deepwater Horizon: US Bans New Drilling in Gulf of Mexico.
Use the Case Study Assignment Template to do the following:
Describe the relevant facts of the case. 
Clarify concepts relevant to the case.
Apply a moral standard to the case.
Articulate a conclusion to the stated question.
Include at least two references, such as the textbook and other readings, to support your arguments.

“If you believe that there is a God who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and concer

“If you believe that there is a God who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and concerned with justice and the well-being of humanity, explain how there can be so much evil and suffering in the world. Pursue as far as you can the responses and objections to one of the various attempts to answer the problem of evil.”
1k wrds.
1) An introduction to the topic—explaining its relevance
2) Your thesis clearly stated
3) The scope of your paper—explaining what you will and will not be covering—and why
4) A brief list of resources (bibliography) that you will be utilizing

Think about the following thought experiment and reply to the questions below. B

Think about the following thought experiment and reply to the questions below.
Beings from another planet arrive on Earth aboard a spaceship about the size of Texas. As it turns out, there are approximately 10 million of our galactic neighbors on the ship. Many of us wonder what they are like, but, surprisingly, the travelers from another planet are not much different from us: they are bipedal (i.e., they walk upright on two legs), they have identical physical features as their human counterparts, and appear to have capacities for language and morality (i.e., they speak many of our languages and display empathy toward each other). However, there are some shocking differences: the space travelers are much more advanced in terms of rationality, conscious awareness, and intelligence. It is also clear from the technology they possess that they can do many more things than we humans conceive of as possible (e.g., tele-transportation, mind reading, medical devices that quickly repair injuries to their bodies, medicines that eradicate diseases in seconds, etc). 
The purpose of their trip is to colonize Earth because the planet they left behind is no longer habitable. And because they possess superior mental capacities and technology, they intend to make use of us as their laborers to remake Earth in the image of their former society. They also plan to use us for scientific experiments (given our physical similarities) and as a possible source of nutrition (they really like human flesh!). We may resist, but our efforts would be futile. For the colonizers, the moral arithmetic is clear: harming and killing us humans to continue and advance their own species/society is maximally beneficial.
What do you think about all of this? Would the space travelers be justified doing this? Would it be morally permissible for the beings from another planet to use us as a resource (i.e., a means to an end)? Why or why not?

1. Wright a summary of content and methods used in the chronological development

1. Wright a summary of content and methods used in the chronological development of metaphysics. 
2. Choose a philosopher from the ancient, medieval, or modern period then discuss and compare his distinct metaphysical teaching and method with Martin Heidegger (a representative of contemporary sources of metaphysics). Since Heidegger is an existentialist, you must also cover the elements or themes of existentialist “philosophy”/movement from his metaphysical views.. For further knowledge on Existentialism, use an additional web source: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy and click “existentialism.”
3. For the Conclusion: After recalling the shift of metaphysical views from ancient to contemporary and making comparison between your favorite philosopher and Heidegger, do you think that the existentialist or contemporary metaphysics able to resonate with modern mindset as  you choose to explain ANY of the following topics of concerns about the current nature of reality: 1) fake news on reality brought about by social media, 2) lingering questions on God’s existence which tended to cause the dwindling or dying faith of believers, 3) fear from rapid decline of human life, 4) problem of evil like pandemic crisis and human depression, war and violence, racial injustice, etc. Which philosophical insight did you learn from our course in general (your takeaway) and how would you apply this to your own metaphysical outlook in life? Explain.

This week, you have been listening to voices from the ideas of feminism.  For so

This week, you have been listening to voices from the ideas of feminism.  For some, this may be a motivation, and for some, this may be a challenge to your present world-view.  Speak to the idea of feminism from your perspective and what you are learning from it.  Answer/address the following: 
1. How did you define feminism before this week’s material? Has your definition changed? If the ideas of feminism are a challenge to you or a comfort to you, why?
2. Do you call yourself a feminist? Why or why not? Would you answer differently based on the friends and/or family who would hear your answer? 
3. What is the most important issue facing feminism and/or gender equality right now? 
4. What do you wish another gender knew about what it is like to be you? 
5. Optional: Is there any personal experience you want to share that is related to these issues?  
You should create an initial post of at least 350 words

Choose at least two philosophers from this week’s readings and take notes on the

Choose at least two philosophers from this week’s readings and take notes on the readings. You must have at least 2.5 pages of words. Philosophers for the week (Ayn Rand, Philippa Foot, Carol Gilligan, and Peggy Orenstein)
Things you may want to include:
make a distinction between concepts you understand and those you don’t
show any concepts that are mind-blowing or mind-hurting (don’t worry–no one understands everything they read)
explain why this philosopher is important
connect these ideas to your life: can you incorporate these ideas to make your life better; do these ideas make you question, or do they clarify anything for you? 
Link to textbook
Words of Wisdom: Intro to Philosophy | OER Commons 

For this forum, you will be writing about a disease or disorder that affects the

For this forum, you will be writing about a disease or disorder that affects the respiratory OR urinary system.  Be sure that the posting is at least 150 words in length to earn credit. The title of your posting should be the disease or disorder you are writing about.
Information such as cause, signs or symptoms, treatment, and prognosis can be included.  At least TWO references must be used.   To earn full credit, please list the resources you used at the end of your initial post.  DO NOT COPY/PASTE information.  Doing so (even with reference) will result in a score of zero.  Your post should be written in your own words.