Compare and contrast modal action patterns, reflexes, and general behavior trait

Compare and contrast modal action patterns, reflexes, and general behavior traits. How are they similar and different? Provide an example of each (please do not use examples provided in your textbook).
In what ways, if any, are humans still evolving?
What is one thoughtful question (e.g., one promoting discussion and not a question with just one correct answer) you had about this week’s reading?

2. Review the results of your assessment using the explanation below. 3.In a Wor

2. Review the results of your assessment using the explanation below.
3.In a Word Document, write at least 300 words in APA format (7th edition) describing the following:
a. Results of the assessment
b. How you learn best currently (before you knew the type of learner you were)
c. How you will modify your study techniques to fit your learning style, now that you know it.
What do the results mean? Barbara Soloman, Coordinator of Advising, First Year College, North Carolina State University explains:
Active Learners: tend to retain and understand information best by doing something active with it like discussing or explaining it to others. They enjoy group work.
Reflective Learners: prefer to think about it quietly first. They prefer to work alone.
Sensing Learners: tend to like learning facts. They are patient with details and good at memorizing things. They are practical and careful.
Intuitive Learners: prefer discovering possibilities and relationships. They are good at grasping new concepts and are comfortable with abstractions and mathematical formulations. They are innovative and creative.
Visual Learners: remember best what they see–pictures, diagrams, flowcharts, timelines, films, and demonstrations.
Verbal Learners: get more out of words–written and spoken explanations. Everyone learns more when information is presented both visually and verbally.
Sequential Learners: tend to gain understanding in linear steps, with each step following logically from the previous one. They follow logical steps when finding solutions.
Global Learners: Global learners tend to learn in large jumps, absorbing material almost randomly without seeing connections, and then suddenly “getting it.” They may be able to solve complex problems quickly or put things together in novel ways once they have grasped the big picture, but they may have difficulty explaining how they did it.
Tips for Assignment:
Always use the 7th edition of APA for your references and in-text citations (Wikipedia is not a reliable source and cannot be used in this class).
The assignment must be written in 7th edition APA format in a Microsoft Word document with header page numbers at top right side of each page, Title page, no more than 12 pt font, double spaced and indented paragraphs, 7th edition APA citations inside and at the end of every paragraph to support what is shared throughout, and a complete 7th edition APA reference page, word count posted (there is an example below).
Please be sure to back up your answers with facts from the source, and put together complete and well thought out responses.
Also make sure that you support and reinforce your answers and replies with factual information from the source.
Make sure to do a spelling and grammar check before submitting.
Double check that you meet the word requirement (title page information, section headings, and references do not get included in a word count).

The assignment is a write your own research paper. I currently have the subject,

The assignment is a write your own research paper. I currently have the subject, draft, sources, and 5 pages done. I need it rewritten and straight up just be better than this draft. In addition to an Abstract. Topic is already chosen with a baselayer of what the topic is. Rubric for assignment is included to follow. The topic is the psychology behind basketball fandom and explaing/showing the corellation and reasonings to why basketball fans support different levels and types of basketball.

Submit a PowerPoint presentation of a MINIMUM of 7 slides based on Essay #1. You

Submit a PowerPoint presentation of a MINIMUM of 7 slides based on Essay #1. You may use the FNU library online. Details are below.
To access the FNU Online Library for journals and articles you can go to the FNU library link here:
In order to access all the journals, you will need the following username and password:
username: 24439
password: onlinelibrary39
This is my essay to make the presentation…
National University
Course Psychology
Mireidy Fernandez, PsyD
medical conditions can affect the quality of life of affected individuals, and
autism is one of them. The conditions start in infancy and may continue into
adulthood. It is, therefore, a pervasive condition that affects and impairs
behavioral and psychological functions. As a developmental coordination
disorder, autism impairs an individual’s ability to socialize with others.
Individuals with autism cannot also understand gestures and body language. The
scope and severity of autistic symptoms also vary among affected individuals.
Autism is a perversive spectrum disorder that impairs affected individuals’
behavioral and psychological abilities.
is a developmental disorder that affects the behavioral dispositions of
affected individuals. Impairment in development can impair communication and
socialization. The severity of impairment may vary with the patient, and
diagnosis is essential in determining the seriousness of autism developmental
disorder. Doctors can conduct diagnoses through in-patient assessments. While
that has always been the option for a long time, advances in technology make it
possible to perform remote assessments. That became apparent in recent years
especially following the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, which created
necessary for the imposition of containment measures to curtail the spread of
covid-19 disease. In a study conducted by Nicole Horwitz in 2021, she found
that remote assessments are just as effective as in-person effectiveness in
providing a conclusive diagnosis. Remote autism assessments have a high
diagnostic conclusiveness with little technical difficulty (Horwitz, 2021).
That is a testament that technological advances have helped make the diagnosis
of autism possible. That is a breakthrough because autism is perversive among
children from the bulk of the population who need a diagnosis. According to
Aryo Windaru, Fifi Veronica, and Marta Sar, autism affects one in every
sixty-eight children (Windaru et al., 2016). An early diagnosis of the disease
is necessary to manage the situation as soon as possible.
is a lifetime disease and lasts the whole of a person’s life. Because of its
incurability, autism is more of a condition than a disease, thereby making
management of the condition the only interventional mechanism available for
healthcare providers. As behavioral conditions, the severity and intensity of
autism vary, which means that different patients display varying symptoms.
Scientists regard autism as a spectrum because people with ASD display a range
of symptoms (Medline Plus 1, 2022). Because autism mostly affects behavior,
people with autism tend to have behavioral dispositions that are different from
other people. Autism begins early in life, and a person with the condition
continues to suffer for the rest of their lives. Therefore, healthcare
providers must check on a child’s development during clinical checkups to determine
whether a child has ASD. A successful diagnosis of ASD is only possible through
a comprehensive diagnosis whereby specialists conduct a series of tests to
Eating disorder is
one of the symptoms of ASD that can affect children. Food selectivity is a
characteristic present on the autism spectrum (Sader et al., 2022). That
characteristic can affect the nutritional intake among children. However, that
is yet to be proven, which means that food selectivity may not significantly
affect the physical development of children. Aryo Windaru, Fifi Veronica, and
Dian Marta Sar researched the issue and concluded that food selectivity should
not be a major cause of concern for caregivers in charge of children with
autism. There is no significant relation between calorie intake and the nutritional
status of ASD children (Windaru et al., 2016). That means that in as much as
ASD children can have behavioral dispositions that affect their eating habits,
ASD children can have sufficient nutritional intake. In as much as autism may
not affect the nutritional status of children, it may significantly affect
their socialization and general psychological disposition.
the spectrum of autism, symptoms present inform phycological and behavioral
disorders. The symptoms belong to a spectrum, which means that people’s extent
and nature of psychological disorders vary in the general population of
affected individuals. For that reason, there are children with autism who can
function fairly well with little help from caregivers, while others have to be
very dependent on caregivers. Children who need less support from caregivers
can outgrow autism, and that is especially true if healthcare workers can
diagnose autism early. Despite the lack of a cure, early treatment can help
reduce the symptoms of autism and improve the quality of life (Medplus 2,
2022). The quality of life here refers to the ability of affected individuals
to socialize well with others. Children with autism tend to have poor
socialization skills, and they may only be comfortable dealing with objects.
That is because individuals cannot decipher and use gestures that people use in
social interactions. Autistic individuals have difficulty understanding
non-verbal cues like eye contact and facial expressions (MedPlus 3, 2022). The
inability to understand facial expressions can cause children with autism to
have difficulty understanding the emotional state of others. For that reason,
they may be unable to differentiate a sad face from a happy one and may thus
attribute a wrong feeling to a particular facial expression. For example, a
child with autism may believe that attribute happiness to a face that has a
frown. They may also attribute sadness to a smiley face. Such impairment in the
judgment attests to the fact that individuals with autism have psychological
disorders that represent the form of impairment in mental ability. Individuals
with autism also exhibit behavioral impairment that can negatively impact
key impairment that people with autism have is the inability to socialize
well with others. That often stems from the fact that autistic individuals cannot
understand the body language that people make during social interactions. With
such impairment arises the inability to communicate well with others. They may
also be unable to react with the appropriate body language necessary during
socialization. For example, individuals with autism may not maintain eye
contact with others. They may also be unable to communicate their feelings to
others effectively. That is especially true because autistic individuals may be
unable to use facial expressions to communicate with others.
autistic individuals tend to suffer from developmental coordination disorder, impairing
their coordination. Individuals with autism also have developmental
coordination disorders in adulthood and childhood (Jacob & Alexander,
2022). That inability to achieve proper psychological and psychical
coordination affect how autistic individual interacts with other people.
may be a perversive developmental disorder, but there is hope for people who
are autistic. As much as autistic individuals may lack social skills, they are
good at dealing with objects and abstract things. For example, individuals with
autism may be good at dealing with numbers. According to Sparks (2013),
students who autism outperform their autistic peers with the same IQ levels.
That means that autistic individuals are good at something, although autism is
a perversive disease. Autism is a perversive developmental disorder that affects
individuals’ sensory, social, and behavioral abilities (Judd, 2008). Autism is
perversity because it has no cure, and there are no definitive factors that cause
autism. The exact cause of autism is unknown (Medplus 4, 2022). Scientists
attribute a combination of genes, vaccines, and damage to the brain too because
of autism. There is also no known cure for autism; the condition is manageable,
and individuals living with autism can have quality lives despite suffering
from a pervasive condition.
Conclusion as a perverse condition, autism affects the psychological and
behavioral dispositions of affected individuals. For that reason, autism is a
developmental coordination disorder that affects socialization. Autism has no
cure, but treatment options help improve the quality of life of affected
individuals. If healthcare practitioners diagnose autism early in life,
individuals who do not have severe autism can overcome the challenge of leading
normal lives. Individuals with severe autism may not be able to recover fully
from the condition. Variation in symptoms shows that autism is a spectrum
disease, with people-affected individuals showing variation in scope and identity
of autistic symptoms. The symptoms present in the form of a lack of behavioral
and physical coordination that makes it difficult for affected individuals to
socialize well with others. However, an autistic individual may be able to
interact well with objects and may even understand numbers more than their
non-autistic counterparts. Moreover, the condition is manageable, and autistic
individuals can experience live a quality life.
N. (2021). 820 Evaluation of clinician and parent/caregiver views of remote
autism assessments during Covid-19 pandemic in a London autism assessment
service. Abstracts, 106(1).
Retrieved 9 May 2022 from
P., & Alexander, G. (2022). Impaired Biological Motion Processing and Motor
Skills in Adults with Autistic Traits. Journal Of Autism and Developmental
Disorders, 14(12), 1-28.
Retrieved 9 May from
S. (2007). Autism and pervasive developmental disorders sourcebook (1st ed.).
Omnigraphics. Retrieved 9 May from
3, G. (2022). Autism spectrum disorder: MedlinePlus Genetics.
Retrieved 9 May 2022, from
2. (2022). Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Screening: MedlinePlus Medical Test. Retrieved 9 May 2022, from
4. (2022). Autism spectrum disorder: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. Retrieved 9 May 2022, from
1. (2022). Autism Spectrum Disorder: MedlinePlus. Retrieved 9
May 2022, from
S. (2013). Autism: “Brain organization underlying superior mathematical
abilities in children with Autism”. Trade Journal, 33(2). Retrieved 9 May 2022,
A., Veronica, F., & Sari, D. (2016). Correlation between Calorie Intake and
Nutritional Status of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children. Althea Medical
Journal, 3(2), 319-322.

Answer in sequence and seperatly 1. Describe the current research methods for s

Answer in sequence and seperatly
1. Describe the current research methods for studying adult aging. Discuss the main approaches for measuring behavior, including strengths and weaknesses for each.
2.Provide a summary of a current research study (within the last 5 years) on the aging adult population and choose a theoretical perspective to explain why the research aligns (or doesn’t) with what the theory claims. What may be some reasons for this?
-Successful Aging
Provided a thorough overview of successful aging and the best method for studying aging.
-Connection with Research
Paper included a clear connection between responses and academic research for all behaviors, including strengths and weaknesses for each. Summary of current research on aging adult population, includes theoretical perspectives and how they, do or do not align with theory claims.
In-text citations are used properly and formatted in APA style
Reference list included/APA style

Thesis – Is pornography ruining the growing minds of young adults across the wor

Thesis – Is pornography ruining the growing minds of young adults across the world?
This paper will erase arch the negative effects of pornography. I will be addressing the mental issues faced by pornography. With that the paper will discuss how pornography can possibly ruin relationships as well as lead to assault. The paper will generally cover young adults.
write a 10 page double space paper (full page written)
Paper topic is selected week 1, and submitted under project topic research. References are selected from chapter topics that match your paper topic.
use APA format for citing references
2 extra pages – include a title page and a reference page (word processors do it automatically via their template and create the reference page)
use an introduction and conclusion and paragraphs as per standard writing (use the writing lab and/or Smarthinking to help as needed).
if the report is above 25% but less than 35% your paper may be graded with a deduction.
if the report is above 35% then redo the paper as too much is directly used from others.
a way to lower the turnitin percentage is to put other’s works in your own words and then cite it. Long direct quotes should be paraphrased and cited.
grading of paper is based on:
10 full pages of writing
title page
reference page(s)
references cited in the text using APA format (suggest using MS Word insert reference tool – it inserts the reference citation and creates the references pages at the same time).
Introduction and conclusions
writing that makes sense (I prefer papers that help the average person understand the topic and ideas inside as well as expounding on the concepts…

Prior to beginning this assignment, be sure to read Chapter 4 and read the artic

Prior to beginning this assignment, be sure to read Chapter 4 and read the article Extending Attribution Theory: Considering Students’ Perceived Control of the Attribution Process (Links to an external site.), the instructor guidance, and view the following website The Foundation for Critical Thinking (Links to an external site.).
For this journal, you will reflect on your understanding of attribution theory, as well as apply the concept to your own past behavior(s). As you have learned, attribution theory states that individuals tend to make sense of (logically prescribe) situations by associating them to self, others, thoughts, feelings, or actions. This theory suggests that learners should consider why they do what they do, and what or who they are giving credit for both the victories and the failures. Further, this theory suggests that if a person believes that they are not good at something, they may attribute their unsuccessful outcomes to external factors, rather than to themselves. In contrast, if individuals have success, they more often may attribute their successes to internal factors.
To successfully write this journal,
Discuss your understanding, based on our required content, of attribution theory, including the origins and major premises.
Describe stability and controllability and how they affect performance attributions. Include why these matter in the context of learning.
Identify a time where you feel you have failed and blamed someone or something else when it was not actually, in hindsight, their fault (e.g., the teacher, the friend, a loved one). (Failure could be academic, relational, and/or organizational—loss of a job.)
Elaborate on how blaming the external source(s) preserved your self-image and your self-efficacy?
Based on your new understanding of how to identify your own responsibility in the learning or behavioral process, explain whether you might handle failure, in general, differently now. If so how? If not, why not?
Your journal this week should be 400 to 500 words, limit quoted material, and have an introduction and a conclusion as described in the Writing Center’s resource Introductions & Conclusions (Links to an external site.). You should exhibit obvious attention to critical thought and understanding of the content, as demonstrated in Samantha Agoos’s (2020) TED-Ed Animation 5 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking (Links to an external site.).
You should include APA citations as needed to support your ideas (see APA: Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.) for assistance). As this is your personal reflection about the material this week, your journal should limit the use of quoted material. Proper grammar should be applied, for which you should consider using the Writing Center’s Grammarly (Links to an external site.) resource. At minimum, cite your text to support your assertions within your explanation, but you may also use additional scholarly sources. The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. References should be listed following the reflection.

Purpose: Students are able to critically think about distinct aspects of develop

Purpose: Students are able to critically think about distinct aspects of development for Early Childhood and then connect them together for a more holistic understanding of this stage through practical application.
Post: Four year old Henry lives in a rural community with no children of a similar age nearby. Henry’s parents wonder if it is worth driving him into town once a week for peer play group. Discuss what advice you would give to Henry’s parents. Be sure to address any physical-with specific emphasis on motor abilities- cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of development that may help to inform their decision. Your initial post is dueSaturday at 11:59 pm CST.
Response: Comment on one of your classmates’ posts with probing questions, alternative ideas, or other valuable input. Your questions or comments should promote continued discussion and should contribute to the learning of the group. Responses are due