【I need a about 300 words introduction paragraph with the thesis statement at th

【I need a about 300 words introduction paragraph with the thesis statement at the end of it. Please try your best to give me an outline of my research essay】
【like the instruction says, I’ve submitted my summaries of the three articles to the prof. So please check out my summaries (each 200 words), and write the introduction paragraph based on these three articles. I could hardly change the chosen articles since the prof has seen them. 】
【the topic I’ve chosen】Shakespeare’s heroes have plans—Richard II, Richard III, and Leontes plan to rule their kingdoms in peace, Romeo and Othello plan to love their wives, Lear to retire into the care of his daughter, Hamlet to succeed his father as King of Denmark. None is able to make the plan work, in large part because of other decisions and actions of their own that flow from the nature of their characters. Choosing three plays, consider how the three are tragedies of character.
【This is the prof’s requirements of the summary】
In preparing to write this essay, you first need to find the three articles you will cite.  Then write 200-word summaries of these pieces and send them to me by email by March 11.  In writing these summaries indicate each author’s argument, theoretical approach, strengths and weaknesses. Finally, say what influence each article or chapter has had in your shaping your own thesis.
I did have some ideas about how to form my argument in this summary file, but I am really confused right now. I hope you could help form a thesis about “decisions and actions of their own that flow from the nature of their characters”
Three primary sources :
Romeo and Juliet
And three secondary sources, I’ve put them in the attachment along with my brief summaries of them.
Thank you very much !

1:How has analyzing the world of the play (Fuchs) and its dramatic structure (Ba

1:How has analyzing the world of the play (Fuchs) and its dramatic structure (Ball) in this course influenced your understanding theatrical storytelling?
2: Provide at least three specific examples and please refer to specific plays we covered.
3: What aspect of theatre are you most interested in (directing, designing, acting, dramaturgy, etc.) and which system of analysis would be most helpful to you in analyzing plays (Fuchs or Ball)? Please list specific possible examples of how you might apply these forms of analysis to future work and how it would benefit you.
What will be your greatest “take-away” from this class? Has it changed any of your previous notions of plays or theatre in general?
no outisde source

Please examine the following elements in your paper and answer the following que

Please examine the following elements in your paper and answer the following questions comprehensively and justify your answers with quotes from the play. However, this paper SHOULD NOT be a synopsis or re-telling of the script. Please have a clear introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and conclusion to your paper.
• Are the characters
• What relationships do they share?
• Family, Friends / acquaintances, Lovers, Enemies, Colleagues
• What changes occur in relationships
• Social institutions & groups are represented?
• Vocational groups represented?
• Social classes represented?
• Political systems that govern the world?
• Economic system motivating behavior?
• Spiritual, ethical, religious or spiritual beliefs?
• Does the story take place?
• National, regional & local sites in story?
• Interior/exterior locations
• Specific architectural or topographical features defining the space?
• Specific sites required for action of story (jail, bedroom, boardroom)
• Does the story take place?
• What day, date, month & year for each scene?
• How much time passes before the story is complete?
• Is time used in a special way? Accelerated/Decelerated/Paused/Flashback
• Who is it?
• What is their goal?
• What main action does the protagonist take in pursuing their goal?
SCRIPT STRUCTURE – Define and defend the following:
• Inciting Incident?
• Major structural climax?
• Major crisis?
• What Given Circumstances are essential to what happens in the script?
• What are the key elements of the situation at the beginning of the play?
• What backstory is significant?
• Identify the event that triggers the main action of the play
• Identify the main actionable events & obstacles/complications that lead to the climax of the play
• Identify the single moment in which the main action is resolved
• Justify why this is the emotional peak of the story.
• Does the protagonist have a paradigm shift (change the way they view the world?)
• End Stasis: What are the most important things that have changed by the end?
• Describe the new state of balance at the end of a script.
• What goal is your character attempting to fulfil throughout the entire course of the play?
o This should be a deep-seeded psychological need or desire that takes them the entire script to either succeed or fail in accomplishing.
o This should be stated in a sentence or two, using an ACTIVE, GUTSY, ACTABLE verb.
o What GC’s affect your character?
o How do the circumstances shape your character?
o What does playwright say about character in stage directions?
o What do other characters say about your character?
o What does your character say about themselves?
o What does your character do?
o What doe the clues suggest about the character’s psychology
o What is the most significant want your character has
o Why does he want to do this action
o What does he need
o Why does he need to do this action
o What lack in the character’s psyche do his actions fill
o Please select a monologue from the script (or a scene if your character does not have a monologue) you’ve chosen and score the monologue/scene clearly indicating the following:
o All beats within the monologue
o The objective for the monologue
o All tactics/strategies used to achieve the objective
o The target of the monologue