Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development writing question and need an

Learning Goal: I’m working on a website development writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.After reading Lesson 10, complete Optional Lab 10-1: Evaluating Multimedia Site Design Principles. The lab will be located within Chapter 10 in the Optional Lab section.
Go to the website www.atlantis.com, enter your responses to questions 7–15 from Optional Lab 10-1 in one Microsoft Word document. The Word document containing your responses must be at least one page in length.
Who is the audience and what is the message? Does this site seem to be well-designed for the target audience? Does it serve its purpose in conveying the information a user would visit to look for?
Which multimedia elements fit into the interface and complement the message?
What types of tools and expertise were needed to create the multimedia elements and author this Web site?
What do the site developers want users to do when they visit this site? Is the Atlantis site designed effectively to accomplish this goal?
What is the navigational structure of the Web site?
Is this site designed with the target audience’s viewing capability in mind?
What site features make this evident? Is a text-only or low-resolution graphic mirror site provided? How will users access it?
Is this site accessible to users with disabilities and/or specialized software? In what ways? What alternative content is offered for greater accessibility?
What is your overall impression of this multimedia site design? Does it use multimedia effectively and appropriately? What elements might you replicate in your own design? What elements might you improve upon? Do you think this site is capable of bringing users to the heightened state of complete engagement discussed in this lesson? Why or why not?
Requirements: at least one page in length   |   .doc file